Man of Steel: The Early Years: Junior Novel

Man of Steel: The Early Years: Junior Novel

Frank Whitman

Language: English

Pages: 144

ISBN: 0062236040

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Middle-grade readers will be able to experience the thrills of the major motion picture Man of Steel in this junior novel that follows young Clark Kent as he learns to control his awesome powers and finds out who he really is. Eight pages of full-color movie stills featuring Superman™ add to the action.

Featuring characters from the action-packed new movie, the Junior Novel tells the story of Clark Kent as he learns he is not the biological son of a Kansas couple from a town called Smallville. Clark is actually from the planet Krypton. As Clark slowly learns about his amazing powers and uncovers truth of where he came from, he begins to accept that it is his destiny to be Superman.

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Momentum kept him flying upward, unable to stop himself. Instead of the stick, it was Clark who smashed through the window—and kept on going. He flew through the attic roof like a cannonball and blasted through the chimney, too. Solid bricks shattered and rained down from the roof, along with broken glass, wood, and shingles. The crash was loud enough to be heard all across the farm. Shelby barked wildly at the commotion. Oh boy, Clark thought, I’m in trouble now. He tried to grab

the car into a ditch, which was rapidly filling up with water. Whitney and his dad were trapped inside the car, unable to get out. Mr. Fordham was slumped over the wheel, knocked out by the crash. Whitney was stuck in the passenger seat, which was wedged against the side of the ditch. Water was rushing into the car. It was already up to Whitney’s neck and rising. He looked scared to death. “HELP ME! I CAN’T GET OUT!” A thick layer of mud covered Clark’s face and clothes. He smeared some

down the steps. Unlike his dad, he didn’t need a flashlight to see by. His eyes widened at the sight of a large object, about the size of a tractor, resting on the floor of the cellar. A dusty tarp covered the object, which looked as though it had not been disturbed in who knew how long. “Is this it?” he asked. His dad flicked a switch. A solitary lightbulb lit up the cellar. “Go ahead,” Jonathan said. “Check it out.” Clark didn’t bother with his X-ray vision. He yanked off

head. In theory, this command key would someday help Kal-El discover his Kryptonian heritage. Jor-El wished he could see the man Kal-El would grow up to be. An earthquake shook the citadel. Dust and debris rained down from the domed ceiling. Jor-El stumbled and almost lost his balance. He grabbed hold of a console to steady himself. Lara gasped. “It’s happening,” she said, “just as you predicted.” He nodded grimly. “The tremors are increasing in intensity. The chain reaction

city, but wave after wave kept on coming. Even reduced in size, the deadly wave was still big enough to flood Lower Metropolis and destroy the waterfront. Thousands, maybe millions, of innocent people remained in jeopardy. Superman didn’t give up. He channeled the sun’s endless energy through his eyes, causing even more of the deadly wave to evaporate. He flew backward, ahead of the shrinking tidal wave, which was now only seconds away from the waterfront. The effort drained his power,

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