LEGO Attack of the Crocodiles (Legends of Chima, Book 1)

LEGO Attack of the Crocodiles (Legends of Chima, Book 1)

Greg Farshtey

Language: English

Pages: 73

ISBN: 2:00270597

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

For a thousand years, all the animal tribes in Chima lived together in peace. They thrived on a powerful energy called CHI, guarded by the Lions and shared fairly by all. Then, everything changed when the Crocodiles attacked the Lions for control of the CHI. Now the tribes, led by Laval the Lion Prince and Cragger the Crocodile King, are locked in an epic battle for all of Chima!

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that Lion go?” he asked. The others shook their heads. “Must have headed into the desert, boss.” All four Crocs gulped. They didn’t want their Speedorz to die out as well. But they also didn’t want the Lion Prince to slip from their claws. “Maybe we should wait him out,” one suggested. “In this heat, he won’t last long.” “Or maybe he went back into the jungle?” another said. “I don’t see any tracks.” Laval didn’t wait to hear any more. He quietly slipped 26 away, still out of

yelled back cheerfully. “Stop!” Laval said, using a hand to block the mouse’s path. “You can’t take on four Crocs by yourself! You’re just a mouse!” “This is my home.” Alonz puffed out his chest. “I’m going to defend it. Besides, did you ever stop to think that maybe around here, you’re ‘just’ a Lion?” While Laval was thinking about that, the mouse raced away. When Alonz was about ten feet from the Crocodiles, 30 he started jumping up and down and waving his arms. “Hey,

of the sand and make their way back to the swamp. 34 But not before Laval and Alonz were long gone from the desert. As the Crocs slowly pulled themselves free from the sand, Laval dragged his Speedor back to the edge of the jungle. Alonz went with him, perched on the seat. As soon as they were near the trees and plants, the engine roared to life. Startled, Alonz jumped onto Laval’s shoulder. “Why don’t you come home with me?” Laval asked. “We could sure use your help defending the

it!” cried Cragger the Crocodile. “I’ve won at last!” Cragger’s two henchmen, Crawley and Crug, were walking behind their king. As soon as they heard what he said, they both started nodding their heads vigorously. “Oh, absolutely,” said Crawley. “No doubt. You are the winner, boss. Winner . Everybody else is a loser next to you.” “Right,” said Crug. “What he said.” “After today, Laval and his pitiful tribe of Lions won’t 44 be able to stop us from taking all the CHI we want,”

smacked his head. What am I doing? he thought. Laval can’t see me while I’m invisible. There’s no reason to hide . “Hello?” called Laval. “Is anyone there?” Cragger chuckled. No one that you can see, he thought to himself. Quietly, Cragger stepped out from behind the column. But the moment he did, Laval leaped up. “Cragger! What are you doing here?” He reached for his sword. Impossible, thought Cragger. He can’t see me. It must be a trick! Cragger took a few steps to the left.

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