Kris Jenner . . . And All Things Kardashian

Kris Jenner . . . And All Things Kardashian

Kris Jenner

Language: English

Pages: 320

ISBN: 1451646976

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

From everybody’s favorite “momager” of E!’s hit reality series Keeping Up with the Kardashians comes a relatable, brutally honest memoir of Kris Jenner’s never-before told story of the savvy businesswoman behind the Kardashian empire.

You think you know her . . .

Now read the stories even her famous children haven’t heard in this gripping and inspirational New York Times bestseller from the superstar matriarch of one of the biggest celebrity empires of our time.

On Keeping Up with the Kardashians, we’ve watched Kris Jenner do it all. She runs a household, manages her children’s blockbuster careers, produces four television shows featuring her larger-than-life family, and still finds time to tweet to her fans. In this thoughtful, candid, and no-nonsense memoir, Kris opens up about the parts of her life that aren’t always in the spotlight: her marriage to Robert Kardashian, the late father of her four oldest children; her husband Olympic champion Bruce Jenner’s pivotal role in ending the Kardashians’ messy divorce so they could all move forward as a family; her close relationships with Nicole Brown Simpson and O. J. Simpson and her insider knowledge about the murder, its aftermath, and the infamous trial; and even her controversial decision to make her charming family into an international brand.

If you think your life is chaotic, try keeping up with Kris Jenner.

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ass over here right now.” Everybody came over immediately. I didn’t tell them why they needed to come. It was important that we kept the proposal hidden until the last second, because none of us can keep a secret from one another. Once the whole family was gathered outside at the dining room table, Kim and Kris walked in. Kim was wearing her huge diamond ring, and she just started flashing her hands around and casually running her fingers through her hair. At first no one noticed. Then Kylie

Springs and being with Robert watching a movie called The Thorn Birds, the famously romantic TV miniseries starring Richard Chamberlain and Rachel Ward. It turned out to be a monumental movie for me. At the end of the movie I just broke down and cried because it was so passionate and sexy and so all these things that you’re supposed to feel when you’re really in love. We all have cold-water or “Aha!” moments in our lives. For me, it was watching The Thorn Birds and feeling like: Wow. That’s how I

didn’t seem to notice that my feelings toward him had changed. Or at least he didn’t tell me he noticed anything. While I was struggling with my relationship with Robert in New York that weekend, Nicole was struggling with her relationship with O.J. One day she asked me to join her for a long walk through Central Park, which was filled with runners training for the marathon. We must have walked for two hours. All the while, she talked about how she was really struggling with O.J. and her

out to be one of the biggest television events in history, with an estimated 95 million people watching. Later, the court released a tape of LAPD detective Tom Lange speaking with O.J. on his cell phone during the chase, with O.J. telling the detective that he wanted to be with Nicole. “I wasn’t running . . . I was just trying to go to Nicole’s grave and go to her,” O.J. told the detective. “I just can’t do it [commit suicide] here on the freeway. I couldn’t do it in the field. I want to do it

memories. We love TJ. To this day, I feel like he’s one of my kids. Several years after they broke up, he called me out of the blue. “Hi, Kris, where are you?” he asked me. “Running an errand,” I said. “Can you come home? I have a surprise for you.” “You do?!” “Yeah, but you have to come home right now.” So I rushed home to the house in Hidden Hills. “Where’s TJ?” I asked Bruce. “He’s in Khloé’s room,” he answered. I walked into Khloé’s room, and TJ was standing there, hiding something

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