Kiss The Girls And Make Them Die

Kiss The Girls And Make Them Die

Charles W. Runyon

Language: English

Pages: 170


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

In the sterile white corridors of a mental ward - and the unexplored passages of the mind - unfolds a novel of heart-clutching terror, with a cast of characters caught inextricably in its lurking mystery:

DAN BOLLINGER - Ex-Vietnam vet drifting on a marijuana cloud. Women came to his wilderness cabin, one after another, and never left. He insisted he never killed them - until terrifying mental images made him realize, with startled horror, that he knew the burial sites of each girl, though their deaths remained shrouded in mystery!

ELIZABETH BODAC - Charmed and challenged by Dan’s enigmatic, elusive personality and the riddle locked in his brain, she vowed to discover Dan’s secret - and save him. But was she trying to save a madman, a murderer, or both?

Dolores Claiborne


Echo Park (Harry Bosch, Book 12)

JonBenet: Inside the Ramsey Murder Investigation















quit offering me first bite. Used to leave them at the edge of the clearing where they’d ripen until my nose found them. The loyal sonuvabitch. I preferred live squirrels and rabbits, but he had a dogged nature. I carried him off in the truck and he found his way back in two days. I carried him further and it took three weeks. I’d like to say that my heart filled with warmth when I saw him at the door, gaunt and slat-ribbed, but my mind went ahead and I saw the same scene transpiring again.

little fingers. She heard a long sigh and saw his chest drop slowly. “What are you doing?” He took three steps before he answered. “Yoga breathing. Calms the nerves.” From the corner of her eye she saw a red MG disappear behind a clump of honeysuckle about fifty yards away. She looked quickly at the man beside her, before the image of the driver faded from her retina. The two profiles overlapped, like the double image on a camera range-finder. Dan’s features were larger-scaled, his hair was

outside—caught the eye just right, and she saw a flare of white in the left pupil. There was a discontinuity layer just under the sclerotic surface. Odd that Dan had never mentioned this stigma of his sister’s. It would have explained a few things … “Shall I put them back on?” “If you like.” Debra settled the frames on her ears with slow, deliberate movement. There was a poised menace in the way she hung a cigarette between her lips, tore out a match, then struck it, flicking the head away

turned his eyes to her slowly, like sliding oil. “What’d you pick up?” “You—the guru. It doesn’t wash.” “What does?” “I don’t know. You don’t seem to belong in this century. I don’t know what you are, actually. A decadent aristocrat—not that exactly, possibly an alienated intellectual.” “Lotta words,” he grunted. “What else do we communicate with?” He walked over and sat down beside her, held out the pipe. She shook her head, and for several minutes there was silence. Then he began talking,

fixed up the cabin. i showed it to Debra once.” Liza had to duck her head and squeeze through on her stomach. She found herself in silent smothering darkness. A few seconds later Danny came in and stood up beside.her. He struck a match, and she saw that they were standing on a heap of wet rocks. The feeble yellow light barely reached the jagged walls of the cavern; the floor was about fifteen feet below them, spotted with pools of black water motionless as mirrors. She descended ahead of him,

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