Karen's Kittycat Club (Baby-Sitters Little Sister #4)

Karen's Kittycat Club (Baby-Sitters Little Sister #4)

Ann M. Martin

Language: English

Pages: 115


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Karen forms her own club with her friend Hannie, and although the girls enjoy having their own social group, they soon find that hurt feelings and battling egos are all part of the dues.

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Kristy and I went into the kitchen. Another good thing about Saturdays is lunchtime. We have several names for Saturday lunch. One is “Smorgasbord.” One is “Every Man for Himself.” One is “Fantasy Food.” What it means is that we put practically all the food in the house out on the kitchen table. We put out bread and mustard and mayonnaise and cheese and cold cuts and pickles and olives and peanut butter and jelly and fruit and salad and potato chips and pretzels and carrot sticks and celery

“Come on, you guys,” I said. “The Kittycat Club is supposed to be fun. Why don’t you put the cats down. Then I’ll tell you my idea.” “Well … all right,” agreed Hannie. Boo-Boo was still under the bed, so Hannie put Pat on top of the bed. Amanda sat down and put Priscilla in her lap. The cats were quiet. “Okay,” I said. “See, Kristy has a baby-sitting service.” I told my friends about the Baby-sitters Club and how it works. “But what about the Kittycat Club?” asked Amanda. “Well, I thought

have one.” “Could I borrow Goosie?” Nancy asked. “You have to have a real cat. Like Boo-Boo or Pat or Priscilla. I’m sorry. That’s the club rule.” “Karen, that’s not fair!” cried Nancy. Now she sounded mad. She threw Goosie onto the bed. I ran to him. “Poor Goosie,” I said. Nancy was not listening. “Your club is stupid anyway!” she shouted. “Stupid Kittycat Club! It’s not even working. You haven’t gotten one single job.” “Then why do you want to be in the club?” I asked Nancy. “And anyway,

live way over at the little house?” Hannie shrugged. “Why don’t you see what the job is like first?” “Okay,” I replied. But I was worried. I did not know if Mommy would drive me over to Mrs. Werner’s. *  *  * Mommy did drive me. I told her it was really, really, really, really important. “I can’t drive you there every time you have to feed Kibble, though,” said Mommy. “That’s okay,” I replied. “Maybe Hannie and Amanda will help me.” When we reached Mrs. Werner’s house, Mommy said, “Do you

in the hall. Soon Hannie was sitting on the floor in my room. Then Amanda was next to her. They looked very serious. I guess I looked serious, too. I felt serious. “I — I have some things to say,” I began. I slid off the bed and sat on the floor with my friends. “I don’t think the Kittycat Club is a very good idea. It isn’t going to work.” “Why not?” asked Hannie. I told her and Amanda what Kristy had said. I told them what I had thought about — that I had never decided what the club was. “I

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