Ivy and Bean Boxed Set 2 (Books 4-6)

Ivy and Bean Boxed Set 2 (Books 4-6)

Annie Barrows

Language: English

Pages: 392

ISBN: 0811876659

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

This boxed set continues the adventures of the spunky second graders. It includes books 4, 5 and 6 in the Ivy and Bean series, and a set of paper dolls and lots of re-usable sticker clothes and accessories.

WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD Small parts. Not for children under 3 years.

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her whole life climbed a tree and fallen out. Bean got bored just looking at her. So when her mother said she should play with Ivy, Bean just shook her head. “No thanks,” she said. “You could give it a try. You might like her,” said Bean’s mom. “All aboard! Next train for Boring is leaving now!” yelled Bean. Her mother frowned. “That’s not very nice, Bean.” “I was nice. I said no thanks,” said Bean. “I just don’t want to. Okay?” “Okay, okay.” Her mother sighed. “Have it your way.” So for

again?” She smiled in an unfriendly way. Bean heard Ivy sucking in her breath. She’s about to do something, thought Bean. “I’m going to throw up,” Ivy said loudly. Yuck! thought Bean, whirling around to see. Ivy looked at her and crossed one eye a tiny bit. Bean looked closely at Ivy. Then she said, “That’s the emergency I was telling you about, Mrs. Trantz.” Mrs. Trantz looked worried. Ivy burped. It sounded horrible. Mrs. Trantz jumped back. “Go! Go home! Run!” “That’s what we were

mud. Bean liked the way they were fat one second and stretched out and skinny the next. She and Ivy dug deeper and deeper, until they had made a big muddy pit in the ground. It was almost two feet across, and water dribbled down the sides. Worms were squirming at the bottom of the pit, trying to get away. Bean felt a little sorry for them. But Ivy just picked them up and dumped them into the bucket. Bean thought of Nancy kicking and waggling, and she began dumping them into the bucket, too. “How

“Get it, get it, get it!” moaned Bean. She had never been so bored in her entire life. She was so bored she fell on the floor. Then she took a tiny peek up at the lady in the dressing room next door. Yow. “Get up, Bean!” said her mother. “This minute.” Bean got up and sat on the triangle seat again. She waited. Nancy looked at herself. “I kind of like it,” Nancy said. “But it costs forty dollars. That’s all my money. I could get two shirts for forty dollars.” “Don’t be a tightwad,” said Bean.

hands above her head, took a big breath, and began. She did nine good cartwheels before she fell on her head. “Are you all right?” Ivy asked Emma with her mouth full of peanut butter. “Sort of,” said Emma. Now it was Zuzu’s turn. Zuzu was the best cartwheeler in the Gymnastics Club. She was also the best backbender. She could do seven roundoffs in a row. Nobody else could do even one. Zuzu pulled down her ruffled pink shirt and raised her hands. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight,

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