Ivy and Bean Break the Fossil Record (Ivy and Bean, Book 3)

Ivy and Bean Break the Fossil Record (Ivy and Bean, Book 3)

Annie Barrows, Sophie Blackall

Language: English

Pages: 127

ISBN: 2:00287366

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

World record fever grips the second grade, and soon Ivy and Bean are trying to set their own record by becoming the youngest people to have ever discovered a dinosaur. But how hard is it to find one?

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ALSO AVAILABLE: ALSO AVAILABLE: IVY + BEAN IVY + BEAN BOOK 11 1 “The deliciousness is in the details here, with both girls drawn distinctly and with “The deliciousness is in the details here,flair.” with both girls Booklist, starred drawn— distinctly and withreview flair.” — Booklist, starred review * * “. . . illustrations capture the girls’ person- and “. . . illustrations deftlydeftly capture the girls’ personalities alities and the humor.narrative . . . Barrows’s narrathe tale’s humor.

jumped up. And then she sat down again. Her dad was still sweeping up little pieces of plate. He probably wouldn’t be very happy to find out that she was planning to break something else. Maybe she could find something made of glass upstairs where he wouldn’t need to know about it. Not a mirror. That was bad luck. But there had to be something she could use. “I’ve got it!” she yelled. “Got what?” “Nancy’s glass animals. I’ll shatter one of them. It’ll be even better than a wine glass.” “Won’t Nancy

when she reached the stairs. “I heard you found dinosaur bones,” he said. “Yes, we did,” said Bean in a loud voice. “We found dinosaur bones.” He looked at her nervously. “Can I see them?” 84 “Oh.” Bean had been ready for a fight. She tried to make her face into a smile as she told the kid where she lived. “Come by later this afternoon,” she said. “Okay,” he smiled. “Can I bring my mom?” “Bring anyone you want.” As they walked home, Ivy said, ”Nobody believed Mary Anning, either. They

nodded. That was true. A lot of people didn’t understand Ivy’s ideas. She had had plenty of practice at not being believed. That’s probably why she didn’t get as mad about it as Bean did. She just went ahead with her ideas anyway. You can do whatever you want if you don’t care what people think, Bean realized. But you have to do it alone a lot of the time. They climbed the stairs to Bean’s front porch. “We need a good snack,” said Bean. “We have lots of digging to do.” 87 “A great big snack,”

Nascim, Jared, Leo with five guys she didn’t know, Leo’s sister Kiki, Isaiah, two fourth-grade girls who Bean didn’t know the names of, Leann from down the street, the skinny little first-grader along with about six other skinny little first-graders, some tiny brothers and sisters, and assorted moms. “Hi,” said Bean in a small voice. What was she going to say to all these people? “What happens next?” Bean’s dad whispered in her ear. “I don’t know,” said Bean nervously. The tiny kids

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