Happy Christmas Hammy the Wonder Hamster

Happy Christmas Hammy the Wonder Hamster

Poppy Harris

Language: English

Pages: 36

ISBN: B005B1XJ38

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Bethany is SO excited about Christmas, and especially can't wait to show her super-smart hamster, Hammy, all about snow. But what if Christmas doesn't turn out to be white after all? Hammy has a plan to give Bethany the white Christmas she's always dreamed of...

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him. ‘I’m so scared! You heard about Chloe losing her voice?’ Hamilton nodded. ‘I said I’d sing by myself,’ she went on. ‘But I’m terrified. It was all right when there were two of us. I’ll be all by myself, with all those people – all of them, and only one of me! I feel ill just thinking about it!’ Hamilton ran up her arm and rubbed his face against hers. She tried to hold him, but he ran back to the phone. I’LL COME WITH U IN YR POCKET IF U LIKE, he offered. For a moment, Bethany

It wouldn’t be easy, but he would enjoy the challenge. There must be a way… He was thinking hard about this as Bethany turned at last from the window and picked up a small, flat pillowcase. Not being sure what it was for, he twitched his nose and whiskers at it and looked at her with his head on one side. ‘I’m decorating a cushion cover,’ Bethany said, smiling at Hamilton’s inquisitive expression. ‘I’m making it for Chloe, as a Christmas present. I know it doesn’t look much yet, but I’m going

nearer to Christmas, and he still needed another 4,200 more snowflakes. The next morning, Bethany opened her advent calendar and found a picture of a white dove. It was the dove that made Hamilton think of feathers. He sat up, washing his whiskers and waiting for Bethany to go to school. And as soon as the house was quiet, he left his cage and jumped on to her roughly made bed. Running across a soft and lumpy duvet isn’t easy for a small animal. Hamilton sank into it at once and couldn’t

you can come!’ she said, and stroked him. Bethany went to bed at the usual time and read for a while, as she always did. Hamilton sat on the pillow beside her and read too, until she put her light out and he went for his nightly run. She was pleasantly drowsy when the door opened and Sam stood there, looking very little in his pyjamas. ‘I can’t sleep,’ he said. ‘I was really looking forward to the concert, and it’s spoilt now.’ Bethany moved over so he could wriggle into bed beside her. ‘It

heavily, and with every minute the outside world turned whiter. Bethany pulled on her wellies and wriggled her hands into fluffy mittens. ‘Now, hurry home after school,’ said Mum. ‘There’ll only just be time to eat your tea and get back to school for the concert. Chloe, how’s your throat?’ ‘It’s better, thank you,’ said Chloe, but her voice was croaky. ‘There’s barely any point in going in,’ said Bethany. ‘It’s snowing. The concert’s tonight, and it’s nearly the end of term. We won’t do any

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