George's Marvelous Medicine

George's Marvelous Medicine

Roald Dahl

Language: English

Pages: 112

ISBN: 0142410357

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

A taste of her own medicine.

George is alone in the house with Grandma. The most horrid, grizzly old grunion of a grandma ever. She needs something stronger than her usual medicine to cure her grouchiness. A special grandma medicine, a remedy for everything. And George knows just what to put into it. Grandma's in for the surprise of her life—and so is George, when he sees the results of his mixture!

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grinning. “Now you’ve done it!” cried Mrs. Kranky, glaring at her husband. “You’ve cooked the old girl’s goose!” “I didn’t do anything,” Mr. Kranky said. “Oh, yes you did! You told her to drink it!” A tremendous hissing sound was coming from above their heads. Steam was shooting out of Grandma’s mouth and nose and ears and whistling as it came. “She’ll feel better after she’s let off a bit of steam,” Mr. Kranky said. “She’s going to blow up!” Mrs. Kranky wailed. “Her boiler’s going to

burst!” “Stand clear,” Mr. Kranky said. George was quite alarmed. He stood up and ran back a few paces. The jets of white steam kept squirting out of the skinny old hag’s head, and the whistling was so high and shrill it hurt the ears. “Call the fire department!” cried Mrs. Kranky. “Call the police! Man the hoses!” “Too late,” said Mr. Kranky, looking pleased. “Grandma!” shrieked Mrs. Kranky. “Mother! Run to the drinking trough and put your head under the water!” But even as she spoke, the

explode? Will she go flying down the road? Will she go poof in a puff of smoke? Start fizzing like a can of Coke? Who knows? Not I. Let’s wait and see. (I’m glad it’s neither you nor me.) Oh Grandma, if you only knew What I have got in store for you!” George Begins to Make the Medicine George took an enormous stewing pot out of the cupboard and placed it on the kitchen table. “George!” came the shrill voice from the next room. “What are you doing?” “Nothing, Grandma,” he called

LEGS, it Said, AND ALLOW TO REMAIN FOR FIVE MINUTES. George tipped it all into the pot. There was a bottle with yellow stuff inside it called DISHWORTH’S FAMOUS DANDRUFF CURE. In it went. There was something called BRILLIDENT FOR CLEANING FALSE TEETH. It was a white powder. In that went, too. He found another aerosol can, NEVERMORE PONGING DEODORANT SPRAY, GUARANTEED, it said, TO KEEP AWAY UNPLEASANT BODY SMELLS FOR A WHOLE DAY. “She could use plenty of that,” George said as he sprayed the

shouted. “You’re lying as usual!” Grandma yelled. “You’re always lying!” “I’m not lying, Grandma. I swear I’m not.” The wrinkled old face high up on the roof stared down suspiciously at George. “Are you telling me you actually made a new medicine all by yourself?” she shouted. “Yes, Grandma, all by myself.” “I don’t believe you,” she answered. “But I’m very comfortable up here. Fetch me a cup of tea.” A brown hen was pecking about in the yard close to where George was standing. The hen gave

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