Foley is Good: And the Real World is Faker Than Wrestling

Foley is Good: And the Real World is Faker Than Wrestling

Mick Foley

Language: English

Pages: 608

ISBN: 0061032417

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

In Foley Is Good, Mick Foley -- former Commissioner of the World Wrestling Federation, aka Cactus Jack, Dude Love, and Mankind -- picks up right where his smash #1 New York Times bestseller Have a Nice Day! left off, giving readers an inside look at the behind-the-scenes action in the Federation. With total honesty and riotous humor, Mick Foley shines a spotlight into some of the hidden corners of the World Wrestling Federation. From the ongoing controversy surrounding "backyard wrestling" to the real story behind his now-infamous "I Quit" match with The Rock, Foley covers all the bases in this hysterically funny roller-coaster ride of a memoir.

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the subject of a very questionable piece of talent and asked why Vince would even bother paying the guy. The Funker not only has known Vince for a long time, but is very intuitive as well, and his answer seemed to make perfect sense. "Cactus, sometimes Vince does things just to be nice." I used to hear horror stories about the way Vince treated talent. I have yet to experience this firsthand. Actually, I have yet to see him even yell at a wrestler. The atmosphere in our dressing room is casual

metamorphosis of Edge & Christian, and the return of Mick Foley, often downright nerdy. You couldn't have guessed that from the actions of the PTC, which were relentless, and especially from the words of its founder, Mr. Bozell, who said, "It is sickening to me being a father of five, four of them boys, to turn on the television and see an arena filled with youngsters ... swearing at wrestlers, calling for blood and violence while worked into a frenzy." From my vantage point, which I believe was

retrospect, I may have been a little too giving. The tumble down the stairs led us into the kitchen, which in turn led us to the catering area, a meeting room, an office, and finally the parking lot, with a prevailing theme throughout. The theme consisted of me getting my ass kicked, and The Rock coming up with funny lines as it was happening. Case in point: after throwing salsa in my eyes, which caused me to scream out in pain, The Rock replied, "That was mild sauce, you baby." When the action

As a result, my knees took a pounding every night, which caused simple walking to become quite painful and made a flight of stairs my worst enemy. I couldn't wait for surgery, which I hoped would be a miracle cure. First, however, I had to get past the Big Show in a "Boiler Room Brawl." I felt like I needed a match with the Show in order to complete the story we had begun before WrestleMania, even though now as I write this, the only story I can remember is him being a lot bigger than me and

wrestling's past history of "country whippin' " matches where no one got whipped, a hair-vs.-hair match between a guy with a crew cut and a guy who was bald, hardcore matches featuring Rodney, and retirement matches where no one retires. I'll get back to that last one later. I wanted this to be a real "I Quit" match. I wanted there to be a definite winner and a definite loser, and I wanted the fans to see a side of The Rock that they could truly despise. I also wanted to explore the devastating

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