Five on Finniston Farm (Famous Five, Book 18)

Five on Finniston Farm (Famous Five, Book 18)

Enid Blyton

Language: English

Pages: 75


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

There's a ruined castle on Finniston Farm, but only the dungeons remain - and nobody knows where they are! The Famous Five are determined to find them - and whatever is hidden in them - but they are not alone. Someone else wants to know, too. The question is: can the Five get there first?

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uncovered?’ she asked. �I mean, surely someone must have thought of them and wondered about them?’ �Well, when the castle fell, and the walls collapsed, any underground entrances must have been completely covered with enormously heavy stones,’ said Mr Finniston, peering at them earnestly. �The peasants and farmhands living around couldn’t possibly move them, and maybe they were too scared to, anyhow. They probably lay there for years, till the wind and weather broke them up. Then they were taken

tractors - I want old junk and I’m willing to pay for it. That’s all there is to it - buying and selling!’ OLD JUNK!’ shouted Great-Grand-dad again, banging with his glass now. �Do you call that great old cart-wheel you bought OLD JUNK? Why, that’s more than two hundred years old! My Great-Grand-dad made it - he told me so, when I was a mite of a boy. You won’t find another wheel like it in England. HOO - that wheel was made before the first American was born! I tell you…’ �Now, now, Grand-dad,

Eleven A MOST EXCITING TALK The boys were busy hammering and sawing and the girls sat and waited till the noise died down. Snippet was there, leaping about ridiculously with little bits of wood in his mouth, and Nosey the jackdaw had suddenly taken a fancy to the shavings that now covered the floor, and ran about chacking, and picking them up. Outside the hens clucked and squawked, and not far off the ducks quacked loudly. �Those are the kind of noises I like to hear,’ said Anne, settling

seeping into the tunnel! Julian gazed at it by the light of his torch, dismayed. �The burrow’s fallen in!’ he said, his voice shaking, �What are we to do? We’ve no spades to dig ourselves out!’ �We can use our hands,’ said Dick, and began to scrabble at the fallen earth, sweeping it into the tunnel. But as he scrabbled, more and more earth fell into the widened burrow, and Julian stopped Dick at once. �No more of that, Dick - you might start an earth-fall, and we’d all be buried alive. Oh gosh

on, everyone, let’s wash. And we’ll put our treasures down in the darkest corner, so that Dad and Great-Grand-dad won’t see them till we’re ready to show them!’ Soon they were all sitting down at the tea-table, glad to see a wonderful spread! Great slices of thickly buttered bread, home-made jam, home-made cheese, a fat ginger cake, a fruit cake, a dish of ripe plums, and even a home-cooked ham if anyone wanted something more substantial! Mr Philpot and old Great-Grand-dad were still at the

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