Five on a Secret Trail

Five on a Secret Trail

Enid Blyton

Language: English

Pages: 184

ISBN: 0689704771

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Four friends and an injured dog witness some strange occurences while camping on a desolate common near an abandoned house.

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shan’t mind that,’ said Anne. �I’m the peaceful one, not always on the look-out for something to happen, like you and the boys! Perhaps these holidays will be quite unexciting without even the smell of an adventure! Oh George - cheer up! Don’t look so mournful. You’d better send a telegram to Julian and Dick if you feel so badly about it.’ �I’ve a good mind to!’ said George. �I can’t imagine hols without the boys. Why - we shan’t be the Five - the Famous Five - if they don’t come!’ �Woof!’ said

be in, Mother?’ �Oh yes - it’s his surgery hour,’ said her mother. �Take him along now.’ So Timmy was hurried along the country lanes to the pretty little house where the vet lived. George, very anxious indeed, was most relieved to see that the vet seemed quite unconcerned. �A couple of stitches and that cut will heal well,’ he said. �Hold him, will you, while I do the job? He’ll hardly feel it. There, old boy - stand still - that’s right.’ In five minutes’ time George was thanking the vet

doing the mewing.’ �Mew-ee-ew-ee-ew!’ �Come out!’ called Anne. �Come out and let’s see you. You must be crazy!’ There was a scrambling noise and a boy came headforemost from the hollow space under the bush. He was about twelve or thirteen, short, studily built, and with the cheekiest face Anne had ever seen. Timmy rushed at him and licked him lovingly. George stared in amazement. �How does my dog know you?’ she demanded. �Well, he came growling at me yesterday when I was in my own camp,’

again. I promise.’ �All right. We won’t come,’ said Anne, quite understanding. �But don’t you play any more silly tricks on us, see?’ �I promise,’ said the boy. �I tell you, I won’t come near you again. I only wanted to see whose dog this was. Well, I’m off. So long!’ And, whistling to Jet, he set off at a furious pace. George turned to Anne. �What a peculiar boy!’ she said. �Actually - I’d rather like to see him again. Wouldn’t you?’ Chapter Four THAT NIGHT It was now tea-time, according

�Not me!’ said the boy at once. �I always keep my promises. Now go away and keep yours. Girls! Pooh!’ �Well, I can’t say we think much of you,’ said George, disgusted. �We’re going. We don’t want to see anything of your silly digging. Good-bye!’ �Good-bye and good riddance!’ called the boy rudely, and turned back to his work. �I think he must be quite mad,’ said Anne. �First he makes a promise - then last evening he broke his promise and even said he hadn’t made one - and now today he says he

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