Five on a Hike Together (Famous Five)

Five on a Hike Together (Famous Five)

Enid Blyton

Language: English

Pages: 208

ISBN: 0340681152

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Julian, Dick, Anne, George and Timmy the dog find excitement and adventure wherever they go in Enid Blyton's most popular series. In book ten, Dick is woken by a light flashing through his window. Is someone trying to send him a coded message? When the Famous Five hear of an escaped convict in the area, they are on red alert. The police won't help, so the Five have no choice - yet again, they'll be solving this mystery by themselves...This edition features the text from the Classic edition and contains the original cover art and inside drawings by Eileen Soper.

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- a scratching on the wooden walls of the barn perhaps. Dick sat up. Were there rats there? He hoped not! He listened. The scratching seemed to come from outside the barn, not inside. Then it stopped. After an interval it began again. Then there came a gentle tapping at the broken window just above Dick’s head. He felt very startled. Rats scratched and scrabbled about - but they didn’t tap on windows. Who was tapping so very very cautiously on the little window? He held his breath and listened,

found the woman washing up a few dishes in a cracked old sink. She stared at him in dismay. ‘I’d forgotten about you! And the girl too! Is she still up there? Get her down quickly before my son comes back! And then go, both of you!’ �Can you sell us some bread and cheese?’ shouted Dick But the old woman really was stone deaf, and all she did was to push Dick away towards the door, jabbing at him with the wet cloth in her hand. Dick slipped aside and pointed to some bread on a table, �No, no -

a wonderful dark blue, and the ripples they made turned to silver as they ran away from the raft. Two moor-hens said �crek-crek’ and swam round the raft in curiosity, their heads bobbing like clockwork. Anne gazed over the tops of the trees that grew at the lake-side. The sky was turning pink. Away in the distance, on a high slope about a mile away she saw something that interested her. It looked like a high stone. She pointed at it. �Look, Julian,’ she said. �What’s that stone? Is it a

first of all - where are these jewels? Have you really got them with you? Let’s have a look at them before you tell your story.’ �The children undid their rucksacks - and out of the hankies inside they poured the shining, glittering jewellery on to the oak table. The inspector whistled and exchanged a look with Mr. Gaston. He picked up the diamond necklace. �You’ve got them!’ he said. �The very jewels! And to think the police everywhere have been hunting for them for months and months and

well,’ said Dick, with his mouth full. �He gets bits from us all. I bet he eats more than any of us. I say - did anyone ever taste such smashing sandwiches? Have you tried the pork? It must have come from a super pig!’ It was lovely sitting there in the sun, looking over miles of countryside, eating hungrily. They all felt very happy. Except George. Was there anything wrong with Timmy? It would spoil the whole week-end if so! Chapter Four GEORGE IS WORRIED They lazed for some time in the sun

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