Five Have a Wonderful Time (Famous Five, Book 11)

Five Have a Wonderful Time (Famous Five, Book 11)

Enid Blyton

Language: English

Pages: 102

ISBN: 0340931698

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

The Famous Five are having a brilliant time - on holiday in horse-drawn caravans - and they've discovered a ruined castle nearby! The castle looked deserted from a distance - but is that a face at the window? Or is it a trick of the light? The Famous Five just have to find out! Just who is hiding in the castle?

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together with baskets. "Going off to shop," said Anne. "That's what I ought to do. Coming George? There's a bus that goes down to the village in about ten minutes. We can easily clear up when we come back." "Right," said George, and got up too. "What are the boys going to do while we're gone?" "Oh, fetch more water, find sticks for the fire, and see to their own bunks," said Anne, airily. "Are we really?" said Dick, grinning. "Well, we might. On the other hand, we might not. Anyway, you two

the end it got so dark that it was quite difficult to make out the tower, let alone the window or a face! "I tell you what we might do," said Julian. "We could go and see over the castle ourselves tomorrow. And we could go up into that tower. Then we should certainly see if there's a face there." "But I thought we were leaving tomorrow," said Dick. "Oh — yes, we did think of leaving, didn't we?" said Julian, who had quite forgotten this idea of his in his excitement. "Well — I don't feel as if

nobody had been sent there from the Society, and who was I, anyhow?" "Hmm!" said Dick, thinking hard. "Then — those men were examining and exploring the castle for their own reasons!" "I agree," said Julian. "And I can't help thinking that the face at the window and those two men have something to do with one another. It's quite clear that the men had nothing whatever to do with any official society — they merely gave it as an excuse because they wanted to find out what kind of hiding-place the

called Julian's voice. "Open the door!" The stranger spoke angrily. "The door's bolted. Who are you?" There was a silence — then Terry-Kane answered. "So you're back again, Pottersham! Open that door at once." Oho! thought Julian, so the other scientist is here too — Jeffrey Pottersham. He must have got Terry-Kane here by kidnapping him. What can have happened to Jo? The man at the door stood there as if he didn't quite know what to do. Jo crouched down in the gallery and listened intently.

darkness with a plate of something or other either for the hungry children, or for Timmy. At last they really could eat no more, and Julian began to tell their extraordinary story. Dick took it up, and George added quite a few bits. Jo interrupted continually and even Timmy put in a few barks. Only Anne said nothing. She was leaning against her uncle, fast asleep. "I never heard such a tale in my life," said Uncle Quentin, continually. "Never! Fancy that fellow Pottersham going off with

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