Einkorn: Recipes for Nature's Original Wheat

Einkorn: Recipes for Nature's Original Wheat

Carla Bartolucci

Language: English

Pages: 240

ISBN: 0804186472

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Discover the ancient grain with tremendous flavor that is a true gift for many who suffer from gluten sensitivity.
The only wheat in existence that has never been hybridized or modified, einkorn grew thousands of years ago in the Fertile Crescent. Carla Bartolucci came across it when searching for an alternative grain for her daughter Giulia, who was diagnosed with gluten sensitivity in 2008. Einkorn has remained unaltered for thousands of years, which allows many, including Giulia—who suffered from mood swings, asthma, and digestive problems—to eat wheat without symptoms. Amazed by her daughter’s health transformation, Carla became a champion of this little-known, nutrient-packed grain.
   Einkorn shares 100 delicious recipes for working with the grain and its flour in a wide variety of flavorful dishes, such as Yogurt Blueberry Muffins, Spinach Lasagna Bolognese, Neapolitan Pizza Margherita, and Soft & Chewy Ginger Cookies—as well as sourdough and yeasted breads like Classic French Boule and buttery Sweet Potato Rolls. This book also explores einkorn’s history, unique genetics, and superior nutrient content, while sharing Carla’s tips for using it to its full baking and cooking potential.
   With eighty-five beautiful color photographs, Einkorn will introduce home cooks to a delicious ancient grain that can transform the way they eat for the better by adding more nutrition and flavor to the foods they love.

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Place a linen couche in a colander, heavily dusted with flour. Place the loaf seam side up in the colander, then fold over the linen to cover. Let proof at room temperature for 30 minutes. 4 Place a Dutch oven with the lid on in the oven. Preheat the oven to 500°F for 30 minutes. 5 Remove the pot from the oven and take off the lid. Invert the loaf and place it in the pot seam side down. Shake to center it, but if it sticks to the side leave it. Cover and place in the oven. 6 Reduce the oven

it out onto the work area. Knead the dough a number of times until it is smooth and then form a rough ball. Place it back in the bowl and seal tightly with plastic wrap. Let it rest for 15 minutes. 4 Turn the dough 3 times at 15-minute intervals. After the last turn, cover the bowl with plastic wrap and let proof for 12 to 15 hours at room temperature, or until the dough has risen by at least 30 percent. (If you would like to keep some kefir starter for future baking, detach 2 tablespoons (30 g)

minute. Drain, let cool briefly, then slip off the almond skins. Apricot Custard Tartlets APRICOT CUSTARD TARTLETS MAKES EIGHT 4-INCH TARTS THESE DELICIOUS MINI-TARTLETS ARE gorgeous, featuring the deep orange color of ripe apricots simmered in white wine, butter, and sugar. Peaches may be substituted for the apricots; when using sweeter fruits with a tougher skin like pears or apples, be sure to reduce the sugar in the topping to 4 tablespoons, and peel the fruit first. (This recipe may also

also called banneton baskets, hold the shape of the loaf while proofing. The shaped loaf can be added directly to the well-floured basket, which will produce a beautiful circular design on artisan loaves. A BREAD LAME, a razor affixed to a long thin plastic handle, is a relatively inexpensive tool used to slash the bread dough before baking, which is important with einkorn bread. Einkorn tends to have a quick spring in the oven and can blow out at weak spots to create an uneven loaf when not

minutes, turning after each minute, until the fritters are lightly browned and crispy. Remove and let drain on the paper towels. Taste the first fritter and adjust the salt in the batter if necessary. Repeat with the remaining fritters, monitoring the temperature of the oil between batches. 5 Allow the fritters to cool for 10 minutes before serving. Einkorn Kibbeh with Minty Tzatziki EINKORN KIBBEH WITH MINTY TZATZIKI MAKES 2 DOZEN KIBBEH EINKORN WHEAT BERRIES ARE ideal for incorporating

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