Driven: An Autobiography

Driven: An Autobiography

Larry H. Miller, Doug Robinson

Language: English

Pages: 524

ISBN: 1606416561

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

When he was sixteen years old, Larry Miller came home one summer night to find all his possessions sitting in three bags on the porch of his darkened house. The door was locked. From those troubled and humble beginnings rose a man whose influence has touched, according to reliable pollsters, more than 99 percent of the population of Utah as well as myriads of people worldwide. Seven months before Miller passed away, he began working with Doug Robinson on this biography. Written in first person, the book talks about the many facets of Larrys life and legacy and speaks candidly about the people and experiences that influenced him. It doesn t just tell Larry Millers story, it shares lessons painful as well as joyful lessons he has learned from his experiences. This fascinating and inspiring biography includes:A moving foreword by Utah Jazz great John Stockton, An epilogue written by Gail Miller, Larry s wife, Numerous photographs, A firsthand look at the incredible breadth of Larry Miller s work and contributions in business, in sports, in the arts, in his support of the Joseph Smith Papers Project, as well as his personal humanitarian service, A full section addressing the question Larry was most often asked: How did you do it?

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impact we have on this community,” he once wrote in his notes. “There’s nobody like us. Sometimes it feels like a heavy load. Sometimes it feels remarkable. Sometimes I think we’ve created a monster.” In his tribute at Miller’s passing, Deseret News columnist Lee Benson wrote, “Everywhere you look, there’s his imprint. Sports. Business. Charity. Education. Media. Architecture. Utah is a far different, and far better, place because of just one man.” Perhaps only Brigham Young has done more for

this, Stockton recalled the story largely because of what it revealed about Larry. As Stockton tells it now, “He called me and said, ‘I need you to do something for me.’ He asked me to do things from time to time, and if I didn’t feel comfortable or didn’t want to do it, he wouldn’t pursue it. He could have put his foot down, but he was good about it. If he thought I was wrong, we might discuss it. But he let me decide. Anyway, he asked me to visit someone who was sick. I said, ‘I’ll go if you go

of the season, I was on the mound nursing a 2–1 lead in the last inning against powerhouse West Construction, with a man on second base. I turned to teammate Roger Burt and said, “It’s game time, Rog,” and I blew the next pitch past the batter for the win. With a young team, we began to earn a reputation, winning tournaments around the West. When one of the dominant teams in the West, Vern Hagestead of Colorado, saw what we were doing, they recruited me. When I was 26, they lured me to Colorado

months earlier, Miller had asked me to help him write a book about his life. It was something we had discussed on and off for seven years, beginning shortly after I had written a lengthy profile about Miller for the Deseret News. Regrettably now, both of us were preoccupied with other things, and the book became something we would do “someday.” People frequently asked him when he was going to write his life story, and his answer was always the same: “I don’t know; I’m too busy living it.” Then

in our company telling me, “Your sons are ready for this position or that position; you are holding them back.” I just didn’t want people to think the boys were getting something they hadn’t earned. In the end, I got to teach and interact with them in a very focused way. Greg, of course, is CEO of The Miller Group. Steve is the company’s used car manager, and he has made a major difference in the organization—a $5-million-a-year difference. Roger is our IT guy. He’s trying to get automotive and

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