Dragon of the Red Dawn (Magic Tree House (R) Merlin Mission)

Dragon of the Red Dawn (Magic Tree House (R) Merlin Mission)

Mary Pope Osborne

Language: English

Pages: 144

ISBN: 0375837280

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Merlin the Magician will not eat or sleep or speak to anyone in Camelot. What can be done? The enchantress Morgan knows who to ask
for help: young Jack and Annie of Frog Creek, Pennsylvania! The brother-and-sister team quickly head off in the magic tree house on another magical and historical adventure.

Their mission: discover one of the four secrets of happiness.

Their journey: to a land of fierce samurai and great beauty, the capital city of Edo (now the city of Tokyo), in ancient Japan in the 1600s.

Their tools: a research book to guide them and a magic wand with three special rules.

In Dragon of the Red Dawn, Mary Pope Osborne transports readers back to the splendor, rich culture, and magic of traditional Japan.

From the Hardcover edition.

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incredible genius!” “This biography of Leonardo will help you on your mission,” said Teddy. “And so will this rhyme from Morgan,” said Kathleen. She pulled a small piece of parchment paper from her cloak and gave it to Annie. Annie read the words on the paper aloud. To Jack and Annie of Frog Creek: Though the question is quite simple, Simple answers might be wrong. If you want to know the right one, Help the genius all day long, Morning, noon, and afternoon, Till the night bird sings

travel with me today,” said the man. “You can continue to be my students, Baku and Koto.” “Good plan!” said Jack. “You must remember, seek harmony with your surroundings,” said the man. “Observe the people of Edo and do as they do. If you do not stand out, you will not be noticed by the samurai.” “Got it,” said Annie. Seek harmony with your surroundings. Observe the people of Edo and do as they do, Jack repeated to himself. “Come,” said the man. He started walking briskly through the garden.

looked. He saw several samurai getting off a boat. “Quick! Grab a basket!” he said. Jack and Annie each picked up a basket of fish. As Jack tried to lift the basket to his head, he tilted it. A couple of fish hit him on the nose as they fell to the dock. “Leave them! Come on!” whispered Annie. Carrying the baskets on their heads, Jack and Annie followed Basho and the fishermen up the steps and delivered their fish to a young woman at one of the tables. Jack glanced back at the river. The

pointed to a snowcapped mountain looming in the distance. The white cone of the gray mountain rose above fleecy, rose-tinted clouds. “That is a volcanic mountain called Mount Fuji,” said Basho. “Oh, I’ve heard of Mount Fuji!” said Jack. “That’s the highest mountain in Japan, right?” “Yes, and the most beautiful,” said Basho. “It is beautiful,” said Annie. Jack looked around. Actually, he thought everything seemed beautiful at that moment: the green and yellow parasols of the ferryboat

the hearth. It was heavy, even without water in it. Jack hugged the bucket to his chest and rushed back outside. Jack and Annie followed Basho through the pine forest. They passed a farmhouse where two small children stood outside, looking at the fiery sky. “Our father says the lumberyard near the river is burning!” the boy shouted to Basho. “He has gone to help fight the fire!” said the girl. “Great piles of wood are burning!” The fire bells kept clanging as Basho, Jack, and Annie rushed

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