Don't Care High

Don't Care High

Gordon Korman

Language: English

Pages: 127

ISBN: 1443113980

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

I received the text of this in a .txt file. Since it is unavailable as a retail ePub, I went through it line by line, cleaning it up and comparing it to my original paperback copy. I think it's about as good as it can be. Hope you enjoy it.

Amazon Synopsis:

Paul Abrams has just moved from Saskatoon to New York City. At first he thinks that "Don't Care High" is just a funny nickname for his new school, Don Carey High. But he soon discovers that it's a pretty accurate description. The school is run down, the student body is apathetic to the point of being comatose, and he has to barter for his own locker from Feldstein, the locker baron.

Then Paul meets Sheldon, who has a grand plan. He gets Mike Otis the most mysterious, oblivious and least interested student in the school elected student council president, and then uses Mike's name to get things changed. Soon the Don't Care students find themselves caring in spite of themselves, and the administration is baffled and worried because...who IS the mysterious Mike Otis, anyway?

Featuring some of its zaniest characters to date, Don't Care High, remains a treasured favourite among longtime Korman fans, and continues to speak to anyone who is trying to get through high school!

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waited for Mr. Willis to arrive, Paul made an elaborate show of announcing that his camera was broken. Putting his eye to the viewer, he wheeled around, saying, "See what you can make of this." Aiming the camera directly at Mike, he snapped a picture. "Hey, what do you know - it's fixed. Thanks, Mike." "You're welcome." He waited until school was over to develop the picture. He and Sheldon stood over the developing tray, watching with anticipation as the image grew more distinct. Sheldon

Mike. "Okay, first of all, do you certify that this is your own original work?" "No." A gasp went up in the immediate vicinity, and Paul knew that it was all over. After that one little syllable, nothing anyone could say or do would save the hundreds of man-hours of work. The plug was pulled on "The Sewer System." "What he means to say," Sheldon put in quickly, "is that we're ... uh ... a very cooperative school at Don't Care - Don Carey, so any one student's work is the work of the whole

who was being taken to the local emergency room, suffering from super-severe indigestion. "Oh, dudes! Oh, dudes, dudes, dudes!" Peter kept groaning to Sheldon and Paul, who watched in concern. "This tournament which we have just witnessed was one of the most conceptual experiences of my life! I was so nervous that I didn't even know I was doing it!" "How much of that licorice did you eat?" asked Paul. "My whole week's supply of stick, dude. Sixty-seven long ones. Ohhh! My stomach feels so

normalcy. May I have your attention, please. Here are the day's announcements. Student body president Mike Otis, as of this weekend, will no longer be with us. There will be a farewell party tonight at eight o'clock for Mike. While no one enjoys a good party more than I do, loss of life is not necessary for a good time. Also bear in mind that the money that would be used to repair our gymnasium, should it be destroyed this evening, has already been spent on other destroyed gymnasia, so please

". . .and so it's true that we're losing a president, but we have gained as well, in terms of the better person I am, you are, we all are for having known Mike Otis!" There was thunderous applause, and then Paul pushed Mike up in front of the microphone. Dead silence reigned as all waited with bated breath. Mike looked at Paul plaintively, but Paul responded with a confident nod and motioned for Mike to begin. Mike opened his speech with an agonizingly long pause, which had everyone

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