Doing Business in China For Dummies

Doing Business in China For Dummies

Robert Collins, Carson Block

Language: English

Pages: 386


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Navigate China's business culture and etiquette

The fun and easy way to grow your business in China

This authoritative, friendly guide covers all the basics, from the nuts and bolts of Chinese business and bureaucracy to negotiating with your Chinese partners. You'll also get the know-how you need to manage day to day, from travel tips and advice on converting money to getting past language barriers.

Discover how to:
* Understand Chinese markets
* Develop a strong business plan
* Find the right employees
* Work with currency controls and the Chinese banking system
* Sell and source in China

Explanations in plain English
* "Get in, get out" information
* Icons and other navigational aids
* Tear-out cheat sheet
* Top ten lists
* A dash of humor and fun

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clients. 65 66 Part I: Building Your Foundation Too much information Professionals need more than mass e-mails to stay up-to-date on important issues in China. One foreign lawyer in China groused about the daily e-mails she receives on new laws, regulations, and circulars. To begin with, she usually has dozens of e-mails to sift through each morning. The legal update e-mails are usually several pages of text, discussing numerous items. Unfortunately, important legal developments are often

compliance is 100 percent applicable in China. Never compromise these principles in the belief that you have to play by special rules in China. Some of your Chinese competitors may play by different rules, but an FIE should never do so. Make sure part of the culture you instill reflects your company’s ethical practices. See Chapter 17 for safeguarding against some compliance-related risks. 69 70 Part I: Building Your Foundation Putting Some Eggs in Another Basket The China plus one strategy,

Starting Up in China Communications ( is another large Chinese bank where you can access an ATM. Some good quality hotels also have ATMs that are hooked up to international networks. Withdrawing money from an ATM in China is no different from drawing money out of your ATM at home. Just follow directions, which are in English, and you can convert money from your foreign bank account into RMB. (Note: You can’t withdraw foreign currency from ATMs — only Chinese

China. Don’t be fooled into believing that being on the same latitude means that the temperatures are the same as elsewhere in the world. Find out what the local conditions are like in China before you start packing. Bring a variety of clothes that can keep you comfortable for the places you’ll visit in China. Preparing for crowding and noise With the rise of China’s economic prowess, more people have migrated to the cities in China. They’re seeking better jobs that offer better pay than what’s

consulate or embassy and apply for a single-entry 30-day Z visa (see Chapter 5). 2. Upon arrival, they to go to the nearest police station and complete a household registration form for themselves and each family member. This step usually takes no more than ten minutes. 3. They complete a health examination within the 30-day period. 4. They go to the local labor bureau with a copy of your company’s business license or rep office registration certificate and some other documents to receive their

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