Darkness Follows (Darkness Series Book 2)

Darkness Follows (Darkness Series Book 2)

J.L. Drake

Language: English

Pages: 226


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Emily McPhee is in the clutches of a monster…

Despite the protection of her boyfriend Seth Connors and his colleagues with the Orange Police Department, Emily is imprisoned in a basement by her psychopathic stalker Jimmy Lasko. His bizarre behavior adds to her terror, and a video link forces Seth to witness her captivity, leaving him feeling helpless as he, the OPD, and the FBI search for her.

Freedom isn’t free, and safety is just an illusion…

Though Emily escapes the basement, the threat is far from eliminated. In fact, things she learned while being held by Lasko lead her to believe he isn’t working alone. Lasko is still out there, determined to get her back, and crazier than ever. If he does have a partner, Emily has no idea where the threat might lie or who she can trust.

It’s impossible to live a normal life when family ties become tangled.

Emily is deeply hurt when Seth is reminded that their relationship might endanger her further and he pulls away again. She’s even more frustrated when her globe-trotting mother returns and is charming to everybody…except her own daughter.

When Emily meets Seth’s family, she loves his mom and little sister, isn’t sure what to make of his flirtatious brother—who is also a cop—and finds herself very uneasy around his father, who is a powerful attorney.

Sometimes things seem very clear…until you look more closely.

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reason I was drawn to it. My hand ran over the curve of her hip, and I moved in to whisper in her ear. “No ‘or,’ baby, you’re coming home with me.” I slipped my hand down and under her wrap and cupped her ass firmly. I knew from experience that many women wouldn’t put up with my shit. I needed to control, plain and simple. I was stubborn, but I expected discipline from myself, and right then I knew that control was about to slip. “Is that so?” She started to rotate her hips as she ground into

here a few moments ago?” I asked the security guard, and he stiffened when he saw my face. “Yes, sir, but he had a badge and said he was on the case. I said no at first, but he said he could come back with my supervisor and make things worse. He knew who you and O’Brian were, so I thought it was fine. He was in and out in, like, seven minutes.” “Did he give you a name?” “He did, but I don’t recall it. I was more interested in the badge. He was around 5’7”, a hundred ninety pounds, with black

mother pointed to the plate where three great big cakes were layered. Garrett smiled at me. He clearly loved that she’d made him pancakes too. I grabbed a cup of coffee and sat at the table. She set the plate in front of me. “No,” she scolded and removed my coffee from my hand. “What? What the hell, Mom! Why does Garrett get to have his?” He grinned with pancake-filled cheeks. “Because he is eating all his breakfast.” “I am,” he chimed in as he shoved another large bite into his mouth. I

as I felt her warmth. Her smile was beautiful, and her eyes looked just like Seth’s. I felt a twist in my stomach. Why wouldn’t he want me to meet such a lovely family? “Mother, maybe Emily would like a drink?” Nicholas moved to my side. She quickly shook her head, which sent her light blonde hair over her shoulders. “Forgive me. I’ve completely forgotten my manners. Emily, what can Nicholas get you to drink?” She stepped back and ran her hands through her hair just like Seth did when he was

to happen. Then they got in his way again. My hand was flipped up, and it landed on a hard head. “I know, Adler,” I whispered and rubbed the dog’s ear. “I miss him too.” I looked up at the sky and made a silent promise to my brother that all would be right again soon. My phone pinged, and I cursed at the text. Seth: Where are you, Avery? Drinks at the Triangle in fifteen. The End COMING OCTOBER 2015 Darkness Falls Chapter One October Seth Boom! Boom! Rice flew

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