Cruel Kings and Mean Queens (Horrible Histories Special)

Cruel Kings and Mean Queens (Horrible Histories Special)

Terry Deary

Language: English

Pages: 83


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Readers can discover all the foul facts about Cruel Kings and Mean Queens, including which king died after falling off the toilet, why people thought King John was a werewolf and why Queen Anne's feet were covered in garlic. With a bold look these bestselling titles are sure to be a huge hit with yet another generation of Terry Deary fans.

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their coins? a Henry VII b Henry III c Henry I 3 Who was the first British monarch to be crowned without an appendix? a Charles I b Edward VII c Queen Anne 4 Who had the first flushing toilet? a Elizabeth II b Elizabeth I c William I 5 Who was the first British monarch to go from France to England without crossing over the English Channel? a William the Conqueror b Elizabeth II c Mary Queen of Scots Answer: b is the answer to each one. (Puzzled by question 5? Well Elizabeth

Claim to fame • Took the crown from his nephew Edward V and is suspected of murdering him. • Lost it at the Battle of Bosworth Field where Richard was killed, to Henry VII. • He is either loved or hated by many people. Some say he was a heroic soldier and a strong leader – some say he was a villain who was ugly and twisted. Nobody can agree… Cruel king One story about Richard III concerns his execution of Lord Hastings. Richard invented an excuse to quarrel with Hastings then said…

Refused any help. 3 Arranged for the Russian relations to get away to another safe country – but not Britain. Answer: 2 George was more worried about his own position in Britain. He said, ‘No.’ The Russian military forces captured Nicholas and his family. They massacred them all, including the children. Funny fact George V was a very keen stamp collector. He was very patriotic, though. He only collected stamps from the British Empire. One day a friend phoned up with a piece of news… George V

George who became George IV. The second is the present Prince Charles who is the only prince to have ridden on the back of a killer whale. 2 Many kings hated their princely sons. George I hated his son, Prince George (later George II). For years the two only met at christenings – and usually ended up having arguments there. After one squabble, George I tried to have his son arrested for attempted murder. 3 George II went on to hate his own son, Prince Frederick, just as much. George II said…

one of the most evil of the Brit queens ever to rule. She wanted rid of the king (Edward II) so her son, Edward III, could take over the throne. But she didn’t want any signs of violence to show that hubby Edward II had been murdered. First she got her boyfriend, Roger Mortimer, to raise an army and attack King Edward. When Mortimer had captured the king, Isabella ordered Edward to be thrown in jail. Underneath the jail the corpses of dead prisoners were left to rot. She hoped Ed would die from

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