Chinese Vernacular Dwellings (Introductions to Chinese Culture)

Chinese Vernacular Dwellings (Introductions to Chinese Culture)

Deqi Shan

Language: English

Pages: 166

ISBN: 0521186676

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China has one of the most ancient civilizations in the world, occupying a vast territorial expanse. This has led to great diversification in Chinese vernacular dwellings, rarely seen in the architecture of the world and reflecting a wide variety of different natural and cultural environments. In this illustrated introduction Shan Deqi explores a representative selection of traditional Chinese dwellings, considering their architecture, environmental setting and the lifestyles and customs of the people who inhabit these distinctive homes and have contributed to their development.

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Guangdong Province. Administratively, the above five areas all are under the jurisdiction of Jiangmen Municipality of Guangdong Province, now called “four cities and one district”. Towering Watchtower – Witness of Local History In this area, the buildings which most impress the people and best reflect the regional features are the sca�ered watchtower-style residential dwellings in mountains and villages. Watchtower, by definition, is a tower-looking building, the main purpose of the building was to

the first stage used as store and the second stage used as living room, or with stores in front and dwelling in the back part. These arcade-dwellings combining business with dwelling became typical resident dwelling in the towns in southern The combination of Chinese and Western architectural cultures is also embodied on the Lu-style building. Harmonious Combination of Chinese and Western Elements Guangdong Province. Arcade-dwelling are common commercial buildings in the southern regions in

iron pillars. For example, the half octagonal “Xuan” stretching out in front of the Hall is none other than the green blazed tile roof supported by four carved iron pillars, reflecting the use of new material and technology. Making a comprehensive survey of the watchtower, arcade-dwelling and ancestral halls, one can see these The coexistence of Chinese-style color painting and Western-style arch. buildings have one general character, that is, boldly absorbing the alien culture and merging it

was called the golden-column gate. In both directions of the newel always stood the golden column. The golden column gate in the quadrangle in Beijing was fixed on the outer golden column between the newel and outer peripheral column. Such a gate was characterized by shallow passageway out of the gate leaves and deep passageway behind the gate leaves. Other ornaments of the golden column gate was similar to those of the brilliant gate, except that a suspended ceiling was installed. Especially on

great number of Huizhou natives secured official positions through imperial examinations. Many high-ranking officials and great intellectuals with reputation and power in the court and society were from Huizhou. Huizhou paid much a�ention to the traditional ethics, which was also reflected by the construction of a great number of ancestral halls and memorial archways. An ancestral hall was the center of a clan. There were many clan se�lments in The door of Huizhou dwelling. Huizhou Dwelling in

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