Casey Stoner: Pushing the Limits

Casey Stoner: Pushing the Limits

Casey Stoner

Language: English

Pages: 179

ISBN: 2:00250879

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

The bestselling autobiography of Casey Stoner, Australia's two-time MotoGP Champion.

'If you never give up, anything can happen'. Casey Stoner

Showing anything is possible when determination meets talent, two-time World MotoGP champion Casey Stoner shares his inspirational journey from Queensland toddler, with an extraordinary ability on a motorbike, to his decision to retire at twenty-seven with nothing left to prove.

For the first time, he tells of his early family life, the development of his riding skills and why his parents decided to sell everything and travel from Australia to Europe to chase the dream and support his aim to become World Champion when he was only fourteen years old.

As fearless with his opinions as he is on the racetrack, Casey includes all the highs and lows of his life so far: the real reason he left for Europe so young, his thoughts on racing as it stands today, the riders' hierarchy, the politics of racing, the importance of family, his battle with illness and why he decided to turn his back on a multimillion-dollar contract when he was still winning. And he will let us in on some of the new goals he has set for himself.

Pushing the Limits is a unique and remarkable account of self-sacrifice and determination to succeed against the odds, the inspiring story of a young Australian who took on the world on his terms, his way. . . and won.

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Cudlin, were older than me, but there was plenty of talent coming through in my age group, too: kids such as Hayden McBride, Jason Doyle, Daine Stevens and Brad Hellyer, who beat me in my first meeting after we moved to Deepwater. Brad’s father, Lyle Hellyer, recounts what happened at the first race: ‘I’d never seen Casey before but one of my mates had told me about him. He’d said, “Hey, your boy is going to be racing Casey Stoner this year.” People thought he was going to come and clean up. The

of age, sitting atop a large fence-post by the track at Lakeside for hours. He was learning more than anyone could imagine back then. As I recall the most verbal instruction I gave Casey was on body position and weight distribution, but rather than teaching him new skills I merely translated information he already applied in his riding from the dirt to suit the bitumen, which he did with ease. It was as if he had been pre-programmed to be a road racer, he was extremely quick right from the

and Myra’s house for my breakfast, then spend the day at his workshop or fishing in the canal from the back of a narrow boat owned by one of his friends. The lady next door used to bake cakes and scones and I’d go round and pick up some fresh ones to take back home to the caravan. Ian Newton remembers around that time we got a fax machine and I wanted to test it out: ‘Casey sent a fax through to the office to see if it was working, something along the lines of, “I’m going to be Aprilia Superteen

myself and was able to concentrate on getting the tyres warmed up and ready to go. Nicky pushed me hard for a while but it was just one of those days where everything was happening right for me and I had a ball. Winning at home was exceptionally sweet. Being up on the podium in front of all those Australian fans was just unbelievable, I’d never felt anything like it. It was also cool because my teammate Loris, who had been good to me all season, was up there with me. With him having won the race

drink any, just showered the bike and myself. At Mike Hatcher’s in October 1991, just before my sixth birthday. Here I am following Australian Superbike Champion Aaron Slight. I was determined to keep up. Me and Kelly selling guava jam at our roadside stall outside our place on the Tamborine Mountain road. These were the bikes I competed on, and the trophies I won, at the national dirt and long track championships in 1997. Not that I was counting, but by the time I was nine the pool

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