Carthage: A Novel

Carthage: A Novel

Joyce Carol Oates

Language: English

Pages: 512

ISBN: 0062208136

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

A mesmerizing novel that examines grief, faith, justice, and the atrocities of war through the story of a young girl's disappearance in a small adirondack town

Zeno mayfield's daughter has disappeared into the night, gone missing in the wilds of the Adirondacks. But when the community of Carthage joins a father's frantic search for the girl, they discover the unlikeliest of suspects—a decorated Iraq War veteran with close ties to the Mayfield family. As grisly evidence mounts against the troubled war hero, the family must wrestle with the possibility of having lost a daughter forever.

Carthage plunges us deep into the psyche of a wounded young corporal, haunted by unspeakable acts of wartime aggression, while unraveling the story of a disaffected young girl whose exile from her family may have come long before her disappearance.

Dark and riveting, Carthage is a powerful addition to the Joyce Carol Oates canon, one that explores the human capacity for violence, love, and forgiveness, and asks if it's ever truly possible to come home again.

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strength, the (male) power of (female) annihilation. She could not have thought of Brett Kincaid as in any way by her hurt. “Is he alive? Is he—in prison?” Her battered laptop wasn’t functioning any longer. She had no access to the Internet. Though on this unexpectedly comfortable, modern, aggressively air-conditioned bus there were electrical outlets at each seat and so she might have dared to type into her computer the name Brett Kincaid to see what it might call up. YOU KNOW HE must have

shield certain of his friends, and suffering from “neurological impairment.” After months of deliberation there was to be no trial. In this, the citizens of Carthage were disappointed. No trial, and no jury. For there was no protestation of innocence on the part of the defendant. Judge Nathan Brede was presiding. In his late fifties Brede was the highest-ranked judge in Beechum County, a former prosecutor. Impervious and unblinking Brede was a stranger to the corporal gazing down at the young

Albany to alert her and at once, Juliet was in her SUV driving from Albany to arrive at the hospital by the time Cressida had been diagnosed, and was being moved to the telemetry unit. Juliet had seen her sister in her semi-conscious state and had burst into tears, in a kind of terrified elation, astonishment. How changed Cressida was! Yet, Juliet would have recognized her anywhere. She had never believed it could be true, her sister was alive. She’d known, others had speculated, it was

were possible . . . SO MANY VEHICLES parked in the Mayfields’ driveway, and along Cumberland Avenue, if the missing girl had arrived home she’d have thought it was a festive occasion. Muttering out of the side of her mouth, a droll remark her mother could almost hear—What’s the big deal? Juliet’s getting engaged—again? Bright TV camera lights in the living room as Arlette and Zeno Mayfield of Cumberland Avenue, Carthage, parents of the missing girl, were being interviewed by local TV

Cassidy—defending the “atheist” high school biology teacher when the school board had fired him. He’d laughed at the threats. He’d told Arlette it was just to scare him and he certainly wasn’t going to be scared. Just last month his doctor Rick Llewellyn had examined him pretty thoroughly in his office. And an EKG. No “imminent” problem with his heart but Zeno’s blood pressure was still high even with medication: 150 over 90. Blood pressure, cholesterol. Fact is, Zeno should lose twenty pounds

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