Cam Jansen: Cam Jansen and the Sports Day Mysteries: A Super Special

Cam Jansen: Cam Jansen and the Sports Day Mysteries: A Super Special

David A. Adler, Joy Allen

Language: English

Pages: 128

ISBN: 0142412252

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

No mystery is too great for super-sleuth Cam Jansen and her amazing photographic memory!

Mysteries follow super-sleuth Cam Jansen everywhere she goes...even to her school's Sports and Good Nutrition Day. Cam's class is going to Franklin Park to run races, play soccer and baseball, and have a picnic lunch. Cam is ready for lots of sporting fun, but she doesn't expect a mystery--much less three of them! It's going to be on exciting day!

The Cam Jansen books are perfect for young readers who are making the transition to chapter books, and Cam is a spunky young heroine whom readers have loved for over two decades.

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near the entrance to the park. She had just one glove. She threw it toward Ms. Benson and laughed. “That was fun,” she said. “That was great fun.” “This was not fun!” Ms. Benson told the girl. “Taking what doesn’t belong to you is wrong. It’s wrong even if you return what you stole.” “Wow!” the girl said, and laughed. “You are one serious lady.” “She’s a teacher,” Hector told her. “She’s a good teacher.” Ms. Benson glared at the teenage girl for a moment. The girl glared back at Ms.

buys the oat bran muffins,” Eric said. “He says they are good for him.” Just then two old women hurried out of Zelda’s. “They’re coming this way,” Danny said. Four other people hurried out of Zelda’s. They went the other way. Eric said, “There must be trouble at Zelda’s.” “Maybe the sprinkles are fighting,” Danny said. “Maybe they’re jumping off the cupcakes.” “This isn’t funny,” Beth told him. “Those women look scared.” CHAPTER TWO Eric said, “Maybe there’s a fire at Zelda’s. Fires

your eyes,” Eric called to Cam. “Start running. Everyone is way ahead of you.” Eric shook his head. “No,” he said. “They’re way behind you, and in the backward race that means they’re way ahead of you. You’re losing the race.” Cam opened her eyes. She turned and looked behind her. She started to run backward. As Cam passed Eric she told him, “I know how to find the thief.” “Just run,” Eric said. Cam ran, but she was the last to cross the finish line. Mr. Dane’s class had won again. “Don’t

closed. I just have to walk straight ahead, and when I smell bread, cookies, and cupcakes, I’ll know I’m there.” Mrs. Wayne closed her eyes and walked ahead. She walked right into a tree. “I’m sorry,” Mrs. Wayne told the tree. Then she opened her eyes. “Oh,” she said. “You’re a maple tree. I can tell what tree you are by your leaves.” “Do you remember what happened after the potato-sack race?” Cam asked. “I won,” Eric said. “Yes. And you had to walk around the fence to come back to the

starting line. That happened in the sandbox, too,” Cam said. “The boy had to wait for his mother to walk around the fence.” Cam, Eric, and Mrs. Wayne were at the corner. They looked both ways. No cars were coming, so they crossed the street. “Do you remember the driveway next to Zelda’s?” Cam asked. “The bakery was on one side. The other side was fenced in. We saw the thief leave Zelda’s. But then we were talking to Martha and Sadie. We didn’t see where the thief went. Now we know he must have

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