Busted! - The Sensational True-Life Story of an Undercover Hippie Cop

Busted! - The Sensational True-Life Story of an Undercover Hippie Cop

Martyn Pritchard, Ed Laxton

Language: English

Pages: 169

ISBN: 2:00287265

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

The true life story of Martyn Pritchard who worked as an undercover cop busting hippies for drug offences in the 1970's. His work sparked Operation JULIE which led to the discovery of the largest clandestine LSD lab in the world.

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went out in the garden and rolled around in the grass, and the dirt. If the neighbours felt sorry for my Mum before, they would have cried for her if they’d witnessed all this. I thrashed around getting the creases in and rubbing the dirt on but it still wasn’t right. So I went in and grabbed the dustbag out of the Hoover, took it back to the garden and tipped it over my head. And off I went back to Watchfield. Now I am off the job, I have been able to tell Mum there were quite a few

kids to do their own thing; ten thousand people were being organised for a direct confrontation with the police. It was mob rule and anarchy, all set to pop music. The people running the festivals believed they were becoming untouchable, and by 1975 they weren’t far wrong. So for my money Operation STUFF was a success, not that year maybe, but subsequently when the background reports on this anarchy movement stuffed the free shows. Organisation on our side certainly put paid to Ubi Dwyer. His

opened up. ‘Made a call to the big guy about the acid deal. Reckons the price is right, just needs to locate a few drop offs.’ ‘What do you need, how many?’ ‘You mentioned eighty thousand tabs. That’s �24,000. I guess that much. Money is no problem to my man, he has great contacts.’ ‘This operation is really cool. They can supply and keep on supplying.’ ‘We can be ready in three weeks. What about you?’ Old Woodrow flips then. This is for real, his big chance, and he almost runs out of

things out and loading the van. When they moved off, we went too. When they headed out on the M4 motorway, we thought, `Was everyone else right, are they taking the gear down to Wales?’ But they turned off at Reading and went straight to the town rubbish tip. As we watched through binoculars, they started to unload stacks of laboratory glassware, cardboard boxes and plastic containers. So we were right. Dead right. There was a lab at Seymour Road. But what was happening now? Were they

but no-one will admit doing it… Another team hit the side door with the universal key, a trusty sledgehammer. There were about eight locks, but they belted away so hard and so often the wall must have shifted, because the interior door fell in first. Inside were Todd, Cuthbertson and Munro. There was still a load of gear there: rotary evaporators, a vacuum oven, a special fridge, scales, magnetic stirrers and lab equipment. The first thing our team did was rip the phone right off the wall.

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