Bottega: Bold Italian Flavors from the Heart of California's Wine Country

Bottega: Bold Italian Flavors from the Heart of California's Wine Country

Michael Chiarello, Claudia Sansone, Ann Krueger Spivack

Language: English

Pages: 233

ISBN: 2:00052223

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Michael Chiarello's fans have watched him on Top Chef Masters, the Food Network, and PBS. He's an Emmy Award winner and award-winning author, with combined cookbook sales of over 400,000 copies. Chiarello returns to the kitchen with a cookbook inspired by the soulful Southern Italian-style menu at his new Napa Valley restaurant, Bottega. It's rich with more than 120 photographs that convey the Bottega experience and 100 amazing recipes for Southern Italian specialties, which, with signature Chiarello style, are designed for the home cook to have as much easy joy cooking as eating. Bottega is Michael Chiarello at his best.

About the author
Michael Chiarello is the chef-owner of Bottega restaurant, and author of six other best-selling cookbooks. He lives in St. Helena, California.

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Bottega, we serve them as bar food or as a small bite while you read the menu and decide what you’d like for dinner. To me, they symbolize a kind of graciousness, a warmth at the start of the meal. At home, I make them as hors d’oeuvres to pass before the meal; they’re wonderful for a cocktail party. Pick one of our cocktails—I’d go with the Negroni—and make a party of it. When I’m at Bottega, I can’t help thinking about Belle and Barney Rhodes. Perhaps more than anyone, they encouraged this

kiss of salt—while keeping the fish cold, because the salt acts as an insulator. See Resources if you can’t find a salt slab, or put your plate in the freezer so it’s extra cold before you serve the fish on it. Ask your fishmonger to cut the tuna into brick-shaped rectangles, each about 2 inches long. You can make the sauce up to an hour beforehand and keep it at room temperature. Wine Pairing: Riesling “ANGRY” SAUCE 1/3 cup extra-virgin olive oil 4 garlic cloves, finely sliced 1

fluffed salt. Lay the fish on the salt. If cooking more than one fish, yin-yang them, so they’re laid out in the pan head to tail. If you have an internal thermometer (the kind with a cord that can run outside the oven), make an incision just behind the head of the middle fish where you can insert the thermometer. Pour on the remaining salt, pressing it in place with your hands so every bit of the fish is covered under a good salt layer. Place the 5 halved lemons in the pan around the fish.

then cold-smoke them for 30 minutes so the smoke flavor gets pulled into the middle of the meat when you braise the ribs—it’s not just a smoke jacket. Even in midwinter, it’s worth breaking out the grill for a killer cold-smoked and braised short rib. Choose aromatic woods for the wood chips. I use the wood from wine barrels and fruit trees, as well as grapevines. The last step is braising the ribs in red wine for 6 hours, which makes them incredibly tender. Succulent, bold, tender yet hearty,

whether they’re dunked in wine or coffee. During December, we often have biscotti baking parties at our house. Packed in airtight containers, the cookies last through the holidays. When wrapped in colorful cellophane, they make perfect homemade gifts. Dark chocolate makes these biscotti doubly delicious. Not only is the dark richness of bittersweet chocolate the perfect foil for the nuts and fennel seeds in this biscotti, it also holds up well during baking. When chopping the pistachio nuts,

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