Blossom the Flower Girl Fairy (Rainbow Magic: Special Edition)

Blossom the Flower Girl Fairy (Rainbow Magic: Special Edition)

Language: English

Pages: 176

ISBN: 0545852021

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Here comes the bride!

Rachel's Aunt Angela is a talented wedding planner. She's organizing the biggest wedding Tippington has ever seen -- and she needs Rachel and Kirsty's help!

Rachel and Kirsty are put in charge of the bride's flower girls. But when Jack Frost's goblins show up uninvited, the wedding is in trouble. Luckily for everyone, Blossom the Flower Girl Fairy has a very special kind of magic -- and she's determined to make sure this wedding goes off without a hitch!

Find the magic objects in all three stories inside this Rainbow Magic Special Edition and help save the wedding magic!

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If I had my crown, Prince Arlo would realize the wedding cake isn’t as important as his new bride. But he’s lost sight of what really matters.” “We thought that might have been what happened,” Kirsty explained. “Everyone’s been fighting at our wedding, too! In fact, the best man and ring bearer left the rings at the hotel and we have to find substitute rings.” “We thought your crown might be missing,” Rachel added. “But if we can help you find it, we can save both weddings. Maybe we can retrace

Rachel and Kirsty tried not to laugh as they swooped in and grabbed Blossom’s crown off Jack Frost’s head. It quickly shrank to fairy-size as they passed it back to Blossom. “Thanks, girls!” Blossom cried happily as the letter tornado died down. “No problem,” Rachel replied. Then she flew down to pick up the piece of paper that had landed in front of her. She was curious: who had been sending Jack Frost so much mail? It was a letter from a publishing company. “Dear Mr. Frost,” she read aloud.

music notes changed and the bride appeared. “She looks so beautiful,” Kirsty breathed as the bride walked down the aisle to meet the groom. Rachel and Kirsty watched as the couple exchanged their vows and slipped the rings on to each other’s fingers. As soon as they did, a cloud of sparkling butterflies burst from the flower arbor over their heads, sending a shower of glitter raining down on the happy couple. “I guess that’s what King Oberon meant when he said the rings had special fairy magic

thinking,” Rachel agreed. The girls turned back to Blossom. “How can we help?” Kirsty asked. Blossom fluttered her wings hopefully. “We’ve got to get to Fairyland as quickly as possible,” she told them. “Will you come?” “Of course!” Rachel agreed. Kirsty nodded her head as well. “Here we go!” Blossom said, pointing her wand at the girls. A second later, a burst of tiny sparkling flowers and butterflies shot out from the tip of the wand. They swirled around Kirsty and Rachel, and the girls

take some yogurt to eat in the car with those bananas.” “It’s a deal!” Rachel said. “Thanks, Dad.” About ten minutes later, the girls hurried through the Botanical Garden entrance gate. A guard pointed the way to the Japanese garden, which is where the photo shoot was taking place. Aunt Angela was waiting for them underneath a green and red pagoda. “There you are, girls!” she said with a smile. “I’m so sorry we’re late!” Kirsty burst out. “We overslept.” “It’s okay,” Aunt Angela said. “The

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