Blizzard of the Blue Moon (Magic Tree House, No. 36)

Blizzard of the Blue Moon (Magic Tree House, No. 36)

Mary Pope Osborne

Language: English

Pages: 144

ISBN: 0375830383

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Jack and Annie are off on another Merlin Mission. This time, Merlin has sent them to rescue a beautiful magical creature—the unicorn. But when they land in New York City during the Depression of the 1930s, Jack and Annie are confused. Where will they find a unicorn in a big city?

From the Hardcover edition.

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doorways and windows to see why the sounds of the storm had died away. When they caught sight of Dianthus, with his horn shining in the windless air, they broke into joyful smiles. Church bells started ringing through the white silence. Finally Dianthus came to a stone wall bordering Central Park. He jumped over the wall and landed knee-deep in a heap of snow. The unicorn leapt effortlessly out of the drift and cantered over a field and down a slope. Slowly the clouds parted, and light from the

Annie.” “Greetings,” they said. “Thank you for saving my beloved Dianthus,” said Merlin. “Long ago, he was stolen from Camelot by evildoers. He was rescued by magic weavers in the Netherlands. To keep him safe, they used their art to hide him in their tapestries. I knew I could entrust you two to set him free on the day the spell was to end. But your mission turned out to be more dangerous than I intended. I did not know the Dark Wizard had sent his apprentices to follow you and capture the

said Jack. “Yes. I’ve come from the U.S. Weather Bureau to check them,” said Mr. Perkins. “I’m afraid right now our data is telling us that the weather’s undergoing a rapid and terrible change.” Jack shivered in his damp clothes. “Our data is telling us the same thing,” he said. “A storm has blown in from the Midwest, bringing wind and snow,” said Mr. Perkins. “But after nightfall, things will get worse. Another storm is coming up from the South, gathering speed on its way.” “That sounds

Annie. “Oh, I wouldn’t be so sad,” the woman said brightly. “If I were you, I’d stay right here and enjoy the Cloisters! You won’t regret it, I promise. The Cloisters holds most of the medieval collection of the world-famous Metropolitan Museum of Art.” “What’s a cloister?” Annie asked. “It’s an enclosed garden or courtyard,” said the museum lady. “We have four in all. They beautifully evoke medieval times, from the Romanesque period to the light, airy elegance of the Gothic.” “Cool,” said

Data Osborne, Mary Pope. Blizzard of the blue moon / by Mary Pope Osborne; illustrated by Sal Murdocca. p. cm. — (Magic tree house; #36) “A Merlin mission.” “A Stepping Stone book.” Summary: The magic tree house carries Jack and Annie to New York City in 1938 on a mission to rescue the last unicorn. [1. Time travel—Fiction. 2. Magic—Fiction. 3. Unicorns—Fiction. 4. Depressions— 1929—Fiction. 5. Tree houses—Fiction. 6. Brothers and sisters—Fiction. 7. New York

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