Black Widow (Annie Carter, Book 2)

Black Widow (Annie Carter, Book 2)

Jessie Keane

Language: English

Pages: 246

ISBN: 0007273991

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

In Dirty Game, Annie Bailey was an East End Madam. In Black Widow she’s queen of the gangs and trying to save her daughter’s life…

Annie Bailey had done it all; Madam, mistress and Gangster's moll. Now she's Annie Carter, and she taking over the East End.

Annie knew that it wouldn't last. Everything was going so well; she was living in Majorca, had Max Carter - the head of the Carter firm by her side, and had given him a beautiful daughter, Layla. But if there was one thing life had taught her, it was that everything could change in the blink of an eye. One minute she's lying by the pool, the next she's out cold. When she comes round Max and Layla are gone.

It's not long before she gets the demands. They want money or she'll be getting her little girl back in pieces…

There's only one thing Annie can do, she heads back to the East End of London and gathers the Carter firm together. Someone has snatched her husband and child. Now there's a score to settle, and it's being settled Annie Carter style…

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once the madam here, had been. Dolly even smelled good, of a fragrance Annie instantly identified as Guerlain’s Mitsouko. ‘You look like death warmed over,’ said Dolly, taking Annie’s suitcase and leading the way into the kitchen. ‘Come and have a cup of tea and tell me what the fuck’s happening. I couldn’t believe it when I got your call. And who the hell is this?’ ‘This is Jeanette,’ said Annie as they went into the kitchen. Dolly put the suitcase down, out of the way. She looked at

he demanded. Annie’s face froze into an icy mask. ‘I was under the impression I was coming into my office,’ she said coolly. ‘Or am I wrong? What is this, a knocking shop now?’ He pulled out of the girl and Annie caught a flash of cunt and another, even less welcome, of a wet, deflating dick. She turned her head away as the girl scrabbled up, snatching clothes off the floor. The man adjusted his clothing and carried on shouting the odds, as if she was in the wrong here. ‘Look, I don’t know who

this was it. The end of the road. Annie tensed as Redmond came closer, but she didn’t touch the gun again or even the kiyoga. She waited to see what he was going to do. Maybe slit her open with one of Kieron’s scalpels. Maybe throttle her with his bare hands. Redmond came up to the door and stood right there in front of her, inches away. ‘I really do regret this, Mrs Carter,’ he said, and reached past her and opened the door. ‘Finish your business, and don’t take too long. I want you out of

she was very glad of that. Their last meeting had been cringingly embarrassing, and she didn’t want to be reminded of it. Nevertheless, she remembered it. Vividly. She also remembered what Dolly had said and felt colour start to rise into her cheeks. Was that the real truth? Did she really want Constantine Barolli, just as he wanted her? But he’d changed his mind. And then he’d sent her a note saying sorry. Now what the fuck was that all about? ‘You said you’ve got news,’ said Annie, cutting

starting to add up to was igniting a cold fire of fury in her belly, a stark and sickening realization in her mind. She had believed Jimmy’s attitude toward her to be nothing more than male posturing; she’d been sure he was acting up because she’d put his nose out of joint by coming back to rule the roost. But now there were all these new connections. Jimmy. Jeanette. Vita. Una. Danny. The fury consumed her now, leaving a cold and deadly purpose in its wake and a hard single fact in her mind:

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