Betrayed: The Legend of Oak Island (Stories of Canada)

Betrayed: The Legend of Oak Island (Stories of Canada)

Language: English

Pages: 304

ISBN: 189491791X

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

The fate of the known world is settled on the shores of Canada In Christopher Dinsdale’s third historical adventure for young readers, Connor MacDonald and his mother have encountered Henry Sinclair, Norwegian prince and Earl of Orkney, who rescues them from highwaymen. Prince Henry is an adventurer who has sailed to the farthest reaches of the known world. On a dark Egyptian beach, he was given a treasure so precious that kings would sacrifice everything in order to acquire it. But unlike the warmongering monarchs of Europe, Prince Henry intends it to become an everlasting beacon of peace and devises a plan so bold that only the exiled Order of the Knights Templar could even dare conceive of it. Events soon lead Connor, now a squire, his friend Angus and Prince Henry to the shores of Vinland and to Oak Island. The fate of the Templar Knights rests in the hands of two Scottish teenagers and their Mikmaq friend, Na’gu’set, as they desperately try to identify the dark forces that threaten not only to destroy them but the entire Templar Order.

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tomorrow.” Sir Rudyard blew out the candle burning on the desk. “Now get some sleep. Tomorrow should be an exciting day.” Thirteen At the break of dawn, a column of weary workers trudged down to the island’s rocky beach and plunged themselves into the bracing waters of the North Atlantic. Using handfuls of goose grease and sand, they washed their bodies until the encrusted layers of dirt grudgingly gave way to a covering of clean, pink skin. They then scrubbed their filthy clothes and threw

the entire crew on the deck. No land was in sight as the boat drifted along in the glowing water. The prince pointed to the dying sun in the western sky. “Just beyond the horizon,” he began, “lies a dream. It was a dream that Templar Knights for generations had envisioned for our children. It was a dream of peace and freedom for all. A year ago, with the help of Na’gu’set, we found the perfect location to begin the construction of that dream, a Templar colony named New Jerusalem. Supported by a

grabbed him by the shoulders. “I am your brother, Na’gu’set.” Na’gu’set smiled and locked his gaze upon the blue-eyed stranger. “I am honoured to be of service, my brother.” Three Roslin Castle, July, 1399 Connor spun and ducked as the weapon sizzled through the air, brushing his long wavy hair as it arched past his skull. He stepped to his right, taking his eye off of his attacker for just a second. That was a mistake. He didn’t see the reverse thrust of the weapon as it now came towards

the richly decorated interior, hand extended. “Mr. Summers? It’s a pleasure to meet you, sir.” “It’s a pleasure to meet you, Mr. President.” “Please, have a seat. Can I get you anything? A drink? Beer, perhaps?” “An iced tea would hit the spot, sir, if you have it.” “Coming right up.” Thomas was surprised to see the president get the drink himself. The leader of the United States of America walked across the leather-appointed interior, opened a small refrigerator and cracked open a can of

hereditary leader of the Templar Order. One of the few complete Templar stories Connor had managed to piece together told how the recently-arrived Templar Knights had helped the pitifully undermanned Scottish forces defeat the mighty English army in the Battle of Bannockburn in the summer of 1314. The Scottish fighters were outnumbered three to one, yet they managed to destroy over half of the English army in only two days of fighting. King Edward of England fled for his life on a boat, leaving

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