Being Jordan: My Autobiography

Being Jordan: My Autobiography

Katie Price

Language: English

Pages: 288

ISBN: 1844541320

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Katie has brought this paperback edition of her autobiography right up-to-date with full details of her love for Peter, their new life together, their engagement, and their impending wedding. She also reveals the projects she has been working on and what the future holds for her career. No fan will want to miss out on the next installment of Katie's life—so fasten your seatbelts for another rollercoaster ride.

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laid on with the best caviar and champagne, and a great party atmosphere. Eddie Jordan and the rest of his team were a real laugh. They all thought that I was a total wild child because, once I’ve had a drink, that’s it: I have no inhibitions and the entertainer comes out. I was in my element, surrounded by fast cars, mega-rich famous drivers and exotic locations. And I loved watching the races. When I used to see the Grand Prix on television, I thought it was dead boring, but when you’re

underwear because he expected it. He wanted the full works: the suspenders, the stockings, the basque, the crotchless knickers. A voice inside my head said, ‘Why doesn’t he want me for myself? Aren’t I good enough any more?’ Often when we had sex he would go on and on about wanting to have a threesome again, and asking me to go with another girl. I had no intention of doing so, but I would say yes just to keep him happy. It got on my nerves and made me feel slightly sad. I used to think, Hang

had asked me to go up and spend more time with him other than at weekends, I’m sure things might have turned out differently between us. But Dwight seemed happy to let things cruise along as they were. Maybe he was incapable of letting his feelings show, or perhaps he just didn’t really feel that much for me outside of the bedroom. I’m such an optimist that I still thought our relationship might improve with time. So in May 2001, when Dwight said he would take me away for a week so we could

chatting anyone else up.’ It was all very flattering; but I didn’t give my heart away so easily any more. I had been so emotionally battered by my experiences with Dane and Dwight that I was more cautious. Inside, though, it felt good to hear Gareth say these things. Best of all, now I had started seeing Gareth I suddenly felt free of my destructive dependency on Dane. I realised that he had used me and I vowed I would never let it happen again. It was too damaging. I felt like I was turning

little boy’s blindness. I didn’t have the strength to argue. CHAPTER THIRTY-ONE THE BIG C Yet again I found it hard leaving LA and flying home. I knew I would take a battering from the British press for going to the States so soon after the news about Harvey, even though I had taken him to see more eye experts. I was just trying to get on with my life and be a good mum; why couldn’t they understand that? Why couldn’t they see that I had to work? I was all my son had; there was no man in the

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