Beezus and Ramona

Beezus and Ramona

Beverly Cleary

Language: English

Pages: 176

ISBN: 038070918X

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Having a little sister like four-year-old Ramona isn't always easy for Beezus Quimby. With a wild imagination, disregard for order, and an appetite for chaos, Ramona makes it hard for Beezus to be the responsible older sister she knows she ought to be…especially when Ramona threatens to ruin Beezus's birthday party. Newbery Medal winner Beverly Cleary delivers a humorous tale of the ups and downs of sisterhood. Both the younger and older siblings of the family will enjoy this book.

Supports the Common Core State Standards

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school, was the noisiest little boy she knew, and he and Ramona often quarreled. Willa Jean was at the awkward age—too big to be a baby and not big enough to be out of diapers. “You know,” said Mother, when she came up from the basement, “I don’t remember telling Mrs. Kemp that Howie could come over this afternoon, but maybe I did. I’ve had so much on my mind lately, trying to get the nursery-school rummage sale orga-nized.” After an early lunch Mother decided there would be enough time to

like what they had to eat.” “Why, Howie,” scolded Mrs. Kemp. “We must remember our manners.” Ramona, her face streaked with tears, came out of her room and stood staring unhappily at her departing guests.When the 143 last child had struggled into his boots, she looked tearfully at her mother. “I’m behaving myself now,” she said meekly. Mother dropped wearily into a chair. “Ramona, if you wanted a party, why didn’t you ask me to have one?” “Because when I ask you don’t let me do things,”

won’t let me take any more books out of the library, and I won’t have anything to read, and it will all be Ramona’s fault. She’s always spoiling my fun and it isn’t fair!” Beezus didn’t know what she would do without her library card. She couldn’t get along without library books. She just couldn’t, that was all. “I do not spoil your fun,” stormed 29 Ramona. “You have all the fun. I can’t read and it isn’t fair.” Ramona’s words ended in a howl as she buried her face in her mother’s skirt.

mouth. “Conceal a knot as you would a secret,” Grandmother always said. Inhaling and exhaling into her mouth organ, Ramona closed her eyes and tried to pedal around the coffee table without looking. “Ramona!” cried Beezus. “Watch where you’re going!” When Ramona crashed into the coffee table, she opened her eyes again. Oh dear, oh dear, moaned the harmonica. Around and around pedaled Ramona, inhaling and exhaling. Beezus looked up from her pot holder. “Ramona, why don’t you play with

she thought. At the radio-and-phonograph store Ramona insisted on petting His Master’s Voice, the black-and-white plaster dog, bigger than Ramona, that always sat with one ear cocked in front of the door. Beezus thought admiringly about the amount of imagination it took to pretend that a scarred and chipped plaster dog was real. If only she had an imagination like Ramona’s, maybe Miss Robbins would say her paintings were free and imaginative and would tack them on the middle of the wall.

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