Bear (The Puppy Place #14)

Bear (The Puppy Place #14)

Ellen Miles

Language: English

Pages: 80

ISBN: 0545083486

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Brrr! It's cold! Snuggle up with a happy husky in this winter adventure.

10-year-old Lizzie Peterson and her family are on an adventurous winter vacation in snowy Vermont when she meets Bear, an adorable husky called lazy and then abandoned by his sled-dog racing team. Lizzie falls in love with Bear, and rescues him when he gets lost during a big snowstorm. Will Lizzie be able to find Bear a home where he is appreciated? When she meets Fern, a young musher, Lizzie goes on the ride of her life--and thinks she may have found the answer.

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Does this mean I get to run like the other dogs? “So far, so good.” Fern gave Bear a kiss on the nose. “He doesn’t seem to mind the harness at all.” “What’s next?” Lizzie was dying to know. Fern rummaged in the big box again. She pulled out a long nylon rope and clipped it onto a ring on Bear’s back. “Next we see how he likes the feeling of dragging the rope around.” She put Bear down on the floor, then walked quickly to the other corner of the big room. “Here, Bear!” She clapped her hands.

the tandem sled. Maybe Lizzie would like to try driving them.” Lizzie knew he was just trying to cheer them up by changing the subject. But she couldn’t help herself. “Really?” she asked. “I would love that!” CHAPTER TEN “What a racket.” Mom had her hands over her ears. It was the next day, and Lizzie was back at Fern and Tim Carter’s — along with the rest of her family. It was time for their sled ride. Tim and Fern were ready for them. Fern had harnessed her team of dogs and hitched them up

stopped to pull off her jacket. She heard the sound of a tinkling piano — and then silence. In a moment, a woman appeared. She looked just like Cordelia, except that her braids were more gray than brown. “Welcome,” she said. “I’m Dorothy. Please, come on into the parlor.” She led them into a room full of overstuffed armchairs, with paintings on the walls and richly colored rugs on the floor. A big fire crackled away in a giant stone fireplace. A piano stood in one corner, and there were shelves

first. Then it seemed to unlock from its frozen position. As it rocked up at an angle, Lizzie caught a glimpse of something black and gray and white and fluffy. “Bear!” She felt tears spring to her eyes. “Oh, Bear.” Cordelia reached in and snatched Bear out of his safe little cave. Lizzie and Dad let the slab fall back into place. “Is he okay?” Lizzie reached out to him gently. “Is he hurt?” Cordelia ran her hands all over Bear’s furry body. “I don’t think so.” She looked up at Lizzie. “Can

tomorrow,” she reminded him as she waved good-bye. When Fern’s dad had called to make arrangements for Lizzie’s visit, he had offered to take all the Petersons out for a dogsled ride. Charles and the Bean were pretty excited about that. “I had a feeling that you and Fern would hit it off.” Cordelia turned up a long, rutted dirt driveway a few minutes later. “She’s dog-crazy, just like you! Maybe you can convince her and her dad to adopt Bear. Wouldn’t that be great?” She pulled up to a small log

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