Bad Boys - AFL, Rugby League, Rugby Union and Soccer

Bad Boys - AFL, Rugby League, Rugby Union and Soccer

Roy Masters

Language: English

Pages: 214

ISBN: 1741661013

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

When do the football codes burn brightest? When the fireflies of controversy dance around them. Roy Masters examines the sex scandals, fierce rivalries, gambling excesses, boardroom rants, bar room bust-ups, media headbutting and taxi-hijacking that have taken place across all codes of football in Australia over the last few years. Bringing together historical perspective and contemporary insight, BAD BOYS provides a glimpse into the past when 'to be a fan was an act of faith' and checks the pulse of the new generation of over-indulged players in a media saturated age. Roy Masters is a legend in the world of sport and an esteemed media commentator, and he offers plenty of stories from his own days coaching, covering, and watching 'bad boys'. Without shying away from the salacious stories and out-of-bounds antics, Roy brings genuine analysis and investigation into the current state of play and what can be done to apportion the blame, improve the behaviour and put footballers' actions into a larger social context. Chapters include 'Bad Boys and Bad Blood, 'Birds', 'Brawls', 'Betting', 'Bonding and Busted Bodies' and 'the Bench'. Covering stories across league, union, AFL and football - past and present - this book will provoke intra- and inter-code discussions across the country. Come on, you know you want to hang out with the BAD BOYS...

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as captain-coach of the appropriately named Byron Bay Devils. He stayed in Sydney for a time with a pencil-thin former Wests winger, Wayne Bennett, who told me Dallas went on the wagon in preparation for his new job, spending his days at the TAB, dressed in a kaftan, drinking iced water and lime. Dallas in a kaftan evokes images of those giant thighs moving around under that loose cotton, like children hiding in the curtains. He came to see me before leaving Sydney on the overnight train for

darkness to the wardrobes and loading everything onto trolleys in the corridors. 'When we landed at Paris, I saw this plastic bag do a few circuits of the carousel, so I took it off and took it to my room,' Carr continues. 'I planned to meet Bozo for a drink on the Champs Élysées, but as I was about to leave, curiosity got the better of me and I opened the bag. In it were lady's boots, slacks, vest, shirt, teddy and jewellery. What could I do except think of some poor young woman back in a

meeting after the match (related in a later chapter). Rugby league came in for a trashing at the Essendon lunch. 'It has all the charisma of meat trucks colliding by numbers,' one unfunny woman said. But despite AFL women's liberated view, perhaps some rugby league women have always known what they want. I know of internationals who married women who might be considered 'buns'. For the most part, the couples remained happily married, although one player, when he got drunk, would argue with his

blue with manager Charlie Gibson,' he says. 'I was blamed for trouble up the road at another hotel over something that wasn't my fault. One of the top-liners did something, and I copped the blame.' Raudonikis had earlier captained Australia to a win over Great Britain on an icy ground at Warrington. 'The blue with Charlie cost me the Australian captaincy. I captained NSW but never Australia after that.' A Lord of the Flies mentality often exists on overseas tours where there is an elite group at

long been aware that fans are hypocritical over violence. Former Roosters champion Brad Fittler expressed it to me best while on a visit to Dubbo primary schools. Fittler attended school assemblies, standing on the stage with the kids sitting on the playground in their sunhats and uniforms, offering a 'Good morning, Mr Fittler' greeting in their singsong chorus. Most of their questions focused on his injuries: How many of his bones had been broken? Had he been knocked out? Why didn't he wear a

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