Authentic Recipes from Singapore: 63 Simple and Delicious Recipes from the Tropical Island City-State

Authentic Recipes from Singapore: 63 Simple and Delicious Recipes from the Tropical Island City-State

David Wong, Luca Invernizzi Tettoni, Djoko Wibisono

Language: English

Pages: 113

ISBN: 0794602959

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

This volume presents a cross section of both traditional recipes such as Chili Crab, Hokkien Fried Noodles, and Murtabek and contemporary recipes including Tea-smoked Seabass and Stingray in Banana Leaf.

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salted before use. Dried Chinese sausages (lap cheong) are sweet, reddish sausages delicately perfumed with rice wine. They are used as an mgred1ent in stir-fries or braised dishes rather than being eaten on their own like European sausages. Sold 1n pairs, they keep almost indefinitely without refrigeration. Dried prawns (hay bee) are a popular Asian ingredient used in sauces and sambals. They are tiny, orange-coloured sun-dried saltwater prawns. They keep for several months and should be

the refngerator for a day or two to cure before servIng If kept 1n a sealed 1ar 1n the refrigerator, 11 w111 keep for up to a month. Serve 1n a small bowl as a s1de dish w1th nee-based meals Makes 2 cups Prepara11on lime 25 m~ns Cook1ng t1me 10 m1ns Chilli Ginger Sauce 10 red finger-length chillies, deseeded and sliced 10 cloves garlic, peeled 10 slices ginger (about 30 g/ 1 oz) 1 tablespoon white vinegar 3-4 tablespoons fresh lemon juice 11/ 4 tablespoons sugar 1/ teaspoon salt 2 Gnnd all the

crullers (yu tiaow) are 2 long sticks of dough stuck together and then deep-fried. Sometimes called Chinese doughnuts (yu char kway), they are savoury rather than sweet and are traditionally eaten with rice porridge (congee). They are available in Asian fresh markets. Omit if unavailable. Hay koh (fermented prawn sauce) has a strong fishy taste and takes some getting used to. It is sold in jars in supermarkets and provision shops. Serves 6 Preparation t1me· 30 m1ns Peanut Rojak Sauce 1 cup (100

finger-length chillies, deseeded 1/ cup (125 ml) plain yogurt 2 1/ teaspoon sugar 4 1/ teaspoon salt 2 1/ teaspoon ground white pepper 2 1 Rub the fish fillets w1th the lemon JUice and set aside 2 To make the Tandoon Paste. dry-roast the conander and cum1n seeds 1n a sk1llet over low heat until fragrant, about 2 m1nutes Set as1de to cool When cooled, gnnd the roasted seeds. g1nger, garhc and ch1lhes 1n a mortar or blender. add1ng a little yogurt 1f necessary to keep the blades turning Add the

Kambing Korm a 1 cover the m utton w>th 8 cu ps (21•ters) w ch•lhes. shallo ater oo a pot ts and Gnod the g,og '" a mortar or water to keeP er, bl ender, add•OQ the blades tum I cup (250 mt) bnog to a bOil •ng Add the gr ol Reduce the h ou eat aod somm nd m"'ure to the pot and tender. abOut er. uncovered. unt•llhe meat 2 Heat the o•l 11/2 hours tor mutton an OS d 1 hour tor la '" a skdlel aod m st b. u-lry the o ,o o damom pods s tor 3 m•nutes candtenuts or casheW outs der and curry star a ,s e

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