And Never Let Her Go: Thomas Capano: The Deadly Seducer

And Never Let Her Go: Thomas Capano: The Deadly Seducer

Ann Rule

Language: English

Pages: 688

ISBN: 0671868713

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

The shattering crime story that shocked the nation: the Thomas Capano murder case
On a June evening in 1996, 30-year-old Anne Marie Fahey, secretary to the governor of Delaware, vanished without a trace following a restaurant rendezvous with her secret lover of more than two years: Thomas Capano. One of Wilmington's most prominent and respected figures, a millionaire attorney and former state prosecutor, "Tommy" was a charming, softspoken family man. But in the weeks and months that followed Fahey's disappearance, investigators would gradually uncover the shocking truth: Capano was a steely manipulator driven by power and greed -- and capable of brutal murder. In a riveting narrative expertly documented by probing interviews, diary entries, and e-mail correspondence, and with superb insight into the twisted motivations of a killer, Ann Rule chronicles a real-life drama of Shakespearian proportions: ambitions fall, love turns to obsession, family names are tainted, the façade of success crumbles -- and a beautiful but vulnerable young woman pays the ultimate price in a convoluted and deadly relationship.


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make plans to meet for happy hour that evening so had pleasant conversation with Laura Kobosko and asked her to convey message to Keith.” Under the Brady notes, Tom wrote, “knew of relationship with Anne Marie; knew I had concluded she was a ‘head case.’ ” He also noted that Brady had helped him move carpets into his house “in October.” The rest of the notes Tom had hidden were chilling remembrances of Anne Marie. His reminders to himself focused on several elements: her instability, her

Kathleen worked at O’Friel’s for nine years. Kevin, the tall redheaded Freel brother, used to tease Anne Marie, “We’ll get you one day, too, Annie. Don’t think you’ll get away from us!” She would laugh and say, “I don’t work for you, Kevvy.” She loved Kevin, and Bud and Ed and Beatrice. And they loved little Annie. She was too young to work then, only in school at Springer Junior High. Even so, she wanted a more exciting job than as a waitress. She had wonderful dreams for her future, and her

looked familiar, too. It was from Talbot’s, one of the Wilmington area’s better women’s shops. It hadn’t been opened. Kathleen slid the ribbons free, opened the box, and saw that the Talbot’s seal still held the layers of tissue inside together. But she knew what the taupe garment beneath was; it was an expensive pantsuit, the same suit she had talked Annie out of buying a week earlier because it cost far too much for her budget. They’d had a little argument about that. When had she gone back to

and it was supposed to have been such a happy day. Jill Morrison, Ginny Columbus, and Jackie Binnersley were going to take her out to dinner at Toscana to celebrate. When Jill asked her if she still wanted to go, Annie said she did. She needed to be with her friends. She agreed to meet them all at Ginny’s house. Jackie, Ginny, and Jill waited for Anne Marie to get there for half an hour, worried. When she finally showed up, she explained that she was delayed because she’d had a surprise visitor.

bitch.” “You want her killed?” Riley asked. “No,” Tom answered. “I couldn’t live with that. Just badly beaten or run over.” They left the matter at that, but first Riley agreed to make some threatening phone calls. Tom asked him to tape the calls so that he could listen to Linda’s response to the harassment. Riley was playing both ends against the middle; he apparently had no problem with making a few phone calls. There was money in it, and it wouldn’t really hurt the girl. When Linda refused

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