Allergic to Girls, School, and Other Scary Things (Alvin Ho Series, Book 1)

Allergic to Girls, School, and Other Scary Things (Alvin Ho Series, Book 1)

Lenore Look

Language: English

Pages: 48

ISBN: 2:00170592

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

ALVIN HO IS an Asian American second grader who is afraid of everything--elevators, tunnels, girls, and, most of all, school. He's so afraid of school that, while he's there, he never, ever, says a word. But at home he's a very loud superhero named Firecracker Man, a brother to Calvin and Anibelly, and a gentleman-in-training, so he can be just like his dad.

From the author of the ALA Notable Ruby Lu series comes a funny and touching chapter book--perfect for both beginning and reluctant readers-- that introduces a truly unforgettable character.

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And I definitely love it more than doing dares from Pinky. To make matters worse, there was Anibelly using my glove and ball! “I thought you boys had something better to do,” said GungGung. No one moved. A breeze swirled crispy leaves up and around our ankles. “Oh yeah . . .,” said Pinky finally. “We do.” And that is the worst problem with joining a gang. Someone else speaks for you. by the time we came up from the basement after watching Alien Babies Land from Outer Space, it was

really want to say it. It was something hard to say. It was much harder than cursing or insulting. “Can I try on your eye patch?” I asked. “Okay,” said Flea. She pulled it off and I pulled it on. I blinked. It was fantastic! Flea’s good eye blinked too. Her other eye looked as soft as a baby’s and stayed shut. “You’re blind in that eye?” I asked. “Yup,” said Flea. “How come?” I asked. “I come from a long line of pirates,” said Flea. It was just as I’d thought. “Is that how you got a

Chinese exercises that look cool in the movies, but that break things around the house when you go crazy practicing them after watching a gung fu movie. GungGung—(1) Ace pitching machine, (2) ace costume maker, (3) my mom’s dad. Hank Aaron—(1) Aka Hammer, Hammerin’ Hank or Bad Henry, (2) set the Major Baseball League’s home run record of 755 in 1976, (3) a 1952 Topps Hank Aaron Rookie card sold for $100,000 in 2000. Henry David Thoreau—Pronounced “THOR-ow.” Famous dead author who loved nature.

said Anibelly. She stopped. She looked at the stick. My dad had shown me how to use a knife to take off the bark so that it would be smooth. I had a rare collection of these sticks against the back fence. “And it’s good for digging,” Anibelly said. “Try it.” So I did. And so did Calvin. He digs better than anybody. He is a regular backhoe. Someday, he could become the world’s best hole digger. Dirt flew. Water gushed. It was great! When our yard had more holes than the prairie dog exhibit

Calvin for support, on account of when you get to be that old, it is hard to do anything by yourself. The fifth thing you should know about me is that once upon a time, before I went to school, I was a superhero. I was Firecracker Man! I ran around our house, full speed ahead, screaming at the top of my lungs while beating on a garbage can lid. I was as noisy as a firecracker on Chinese New Year! My costume was great (my gunggung made it). But now I am Firecracker Man only on weekends and

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