All the Way: My Life on Ice

All the Way: My Life on Ice

Language: English

Pages: 240

ISBN: 0143189204

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

The bestselling story of a true warrior's toughest battle, now in paperback
     It seemed as though nothing could stop Jordin Tootoo on the ice. The captain, a fan favourite, a star in international competition, Tootoo was always a leader. And when he was drafted by Nashville in 2001 and made the Predators out of camp in 2003, he became a leader in another way--as the first player of Inuk descent to suit up in the NHL.
    All the challenges and pressure would have been more than enough for any rookie, but Tootoo faced something far more difficult: the tragic loss of his older brother before his first shift for the Predators. Though he played through it, Tootoo suffered from many of the same problems that have plagued so many people from his community. In 2010, he checked himself into rehab for alcohol addiction. It seemed as though a promising career had ended too soon.
     But that's not the way Tootoo saw it and not the way it would end. Told in Tootoo's bold voice, with contributions by Stephen Brunt, arguably one of the best sportswriters, All the Way is the searing, honest tale of a young man who has risen to every challenge but all too nearly fell short in the toughest game of all.

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went. He was always so caring, and very charismatic. He wasn’t a guy who said a lot. He wasn’t the life of the party. He sat back quietly. But when he spoke, you listened. He never showed any negativity. Maybe that hurt him, because he couldn’t express those darker feelings. Just because you always seem happy doesn’t mean you’re a happy person. I was more of a daredevil. I didn’t care about the consequences in the moment. Terence was a guy who thought twice and considered the worst-case

had the same style as I do. He was a great skater. He played hard. He wasn’t afraid to drop his gloves. He caught a lot of players off guard, because he was a southpaw who shot the puck right-handed but punched left-handed. Terence was really close to my dad—a lot closer than I was. He was his right-hand man, because he was older. He was always by Dad’s side, looking after him—really, sometimes babysitting him. Out on the land, Terence was Dad’s guy. He was always around to do whatever he was

told to do. When my dad needed help, Terence was there. As much as he loved to stay in town on weekends, Terence sacrificed that to go out on the land with my dad. And when Dad went on a bender in town, it was Terence who went to find him. My mother and Terence had a great relationship, too. I think my mom thought of him as her saviour. When times were tough, she leaned on his shoulders. If it wasn’t for Terence, I don’t think our family would be together today. When things got rough between my

I’ve had a lot of guys, junior hockey guys, come through training camp and say, “Hey, you’re not the biggest guy. Have you got any tips for me? I’m kind of a fighter. What have you got?” Guys ask who taught me how to fight: “In the off-season, what did you do … train like a boxer?” Fuck, no. I’m not that kind of fighter. I’m a hockey player. If I was a fighter, I’d fucking train for MMA or boxing. Fortunately, the way I grew up is what’s carried me through my whole hockey career. I had to learn

get in the dressing room. When the guys actually appreciate what you’re doing for the team, it’s more enjoyable. When you don’t get that feedback, don’t get that love from the boys, I think that’s when you start losing interest. You’ll come into the dressing room at the end of a period after you’ve had a fight and you can’t even talk you’re so exhausted—you’re huffing and puffing. The guys will come up to you and just tap you with their sticks. They don’t have to say anything. You know that’s a

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