Ah, Sweet Mystery of Life (Penguin Fiction)

Ah, Sweet Mystery of Life (Penguin Fiction)

Roald Dahl, John Lawrence

Language: English

Pages: 176

ISBN: 0140118470

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Collects stories on a theme of country matters that feature such characters as Claud, Rummins and Bert. This book contains seven stories, including Ah, Sweet Mystery of Life. It also features line drawings.

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peering at the book, and giving me the same answers. ‘Whatever’s the matter with you?’ he said quietly, speaking to me as though I were eight years old. ‘Trying such a silly thing as that.’ This time I stepped well back. ‘You dirty thieving bastards!’ I cried. ‘The whole lot of you!’ Automatically, as though they were puppets, all the heads down the line flicked round and looked at me. The expressions didn’t alter. It was just the heads that moved, all seventeen of them, and seventeen pairs of

never told this to anyone else in my whole life, Gordon.’ ‘I am greatly honoured,’ I said. ‘You can trust me completely.’ He turned his head, fixing me with pale eyes. The eyes were large and wet and ox-like, and they were so near to me that I could see my own face reflected upside down in the centre of each. ‘I am now about to let you in on the three best ways in the world of poaching a pheasant,’ he said. ‘And seeing that you’re the guest on this little trip, I am going to give you the

away.’ ‘His final great work?’ ‘Exactly, Gordon. And I can even remember the very day it happened, a Sunday morning it was, and suddenly my dad comes into the kitchen holding a huge white cockerel in his hands and he says, “I think I’ve got it.” There’s a little smile on his face and a shine of glory in his eyes and he comes in very soft and quiet and he puts the bird down right in the middle of the kitchen table and he says, “By God, I think I’ve got a good one this time.” “A good what?” Mum

influential writers of our generation’ and wrote in its obituary: ‘Children loved his stories and made him their favourite… They will be classics of the future.’ In 2000 Roald Dahl was voted the nation’s favourite author in the World Book Day poll. For more information on Roald Dahl go to www.roalddahl.com Roald Dahl In Penguin Fiction Over to You Someone Like You Kiss Kiss Switch Bitch Tales of the Unexpected My Uncle Oswald More Tales of the Unexpected The Wonderful Story of Henry

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